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23 January 2011 @ 05:41 pm

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Frequently Searched For Recs, PDF's/Podfics and others // Deleted/Purged Journals // Deleted stories (authors still active)
Hey guys! So, about a year or two ago I read this fanfic on FF.com and I’ve been looking for it for a few months now to read again but I can’t find it. Here’s what I remember:

Teen Sam and Dean.

Dean was hurt on a previous hunt, something is wrong with his leg (I don’t remember if is a broken ankle or something like that), he has a few broken ribs among other things and John needs to hunt again, so instead of waiting for Dean to get better, he decides to leave Dean alone in this house that it’s falling apart (it’s what he could afford for) to heal and takes Sam to hunt with him. Sam gets angry at his dad for leaving Dean alone in such a state, but goes with his father anyway.
After they leave, even being injured Dean does what he can to leave the house in a better state, cleaning it up and fixing a few things – even though in a lot of pain. After that, he feels even worse and tries to rest. No long after, a couple of thug teenagers enter the house and beat Dean up, leaving him in a really bad state and with even more broken bones. I’m not sure how he managed to ask for help, but bottom line Bobby and Caleb are made aware he’s hurt and Caleb run to help his friend.
Caleb is horrified to find Dean in the trepid house bleeding out and with the teenagers still beating him. He makes sure the teenagers won’t hit his friend anymore and then I don’t remember if he calls an ambulance or if he takes Dean himself to the hospital, but when he gets there Pastor Jim calls to say that he found John and Sam hurt and that a helicopter it’s taking them to the same hospital Caleb just got in with Dean.
Things go down hill for Dean from there, because although John and Sam aren’t that bad and are expected to make a full recovery, Dean is really bad off, and when he finds out, John feels guilty for what he put his two sons through.
There is a point when the adults have to send Sam home to rest properly after being discharged, and even with him refusing to leave his brother, they still manage to take him.
Sam has a nightmare, and so does Dean. While John consoles Dean in his arms on the hospital bed, Bobby decides to take Sam to the hospital to give both kids some peace of mind. But when he gets there, the night guard on Dean’s hospital door refuses to let Sam in while Sam cries out for Dean, and hearing his brother’s distress, Dean takes off his ventilator before John can stop him, and throws up blood – leaving the men in the hospital room livid.
Dean’s doctor helps him, and says that he hurt his throat, so they can’t put the ventilator back, but the teen seems to be doing well enough to go on without the equipment.
After that, they don’t try to separate the boys anymore, and even in ICU Sam in allowed to visit his brother. From there, they get progressively better with the help of Bobby, Caleb and Pastor Jim.
I think I found this story in a community of fanfiction.com, but I’m not sure. I looked on a few and did research on google but couldn’t find it again.
14 January 2017 @ 10:59 pm
I know this is very vague, but I only remember one (reoccurring) thing. J2 friends are trying to set up Jared and Jensen, but they manage to keep standing each other up or arriving late. Jared (I believe) is a doctor and was late due to surgeries/emergencies. I think at one point, Jared was late and walks in on Jensen badmouthing him for being late due to an emergency.
14 January 2017 @ 10:21 pm
Hello everyone! So just the other day I decided to re-watch Supernatural starting all the way from the very beginning. In the midst of baby faces I was struck with the need for some brother Winchester fics.

I'm looking for fics that really focus on how much Sam and Dean really just would do anything for each other. It can be in a brother way or even a parental one, I'm not picky! John can be in it or not, and I don't really care about pairings. I know there are some posts already like this but I was hoping there were maybe some new ones or even just some of your favorites :)

Thank you so much!
15 January 2017 @ 12:38 am
There was one story I remember like this where, John is actually in a bar or diner and hears some men talking about the man they had all enjoyed in the bathroom or motel and he realises it's dean they are talking about, not sure what he does after that. Does this ring a bell with anyone or are there similar stories out there with the same theme? Thx to all who reply
Hey everyone! I've been looking for this fic for awhile and I only remember a few details. Dean and Cas live in apartments across from each other, and these happen to be right above the shops they own (or maybe just Dean owns one I can't exactly remember). Cas has recently moved to the area. They eventually get together but Cas is keeping a secret about his past and it ends up being revealed when on the national news a story about this religious cult and a standoff with police comes out when they try to raid the compound. Cas is devastated because his mother and younger siblings are actually being held there because his mom was in a relationship with the leader, while Cas ended up being able to escape awhile ago. I think a few people in the compound end up being shot during the standoff. And Cas kinda breaks down because he's scared for his family while Dean takes care of him. I think at one point Cas talks about the abuse he, his siblings and his mother endured there.

Please help!!
13 January 2017 @ 04:25 pm
Hello!!! So my favorite kind of fics to read are the really really long ones with really slow builds and angst and schmoop and everything. So if anyone has any favorite long fics (by long I mean like over 50k please) that they'd recommend to me... any story or side ships is fine as long as the main ship is j2/wincest. Self-recs are welcome!!
Hey y'all,
I was reading a j2 fic that mentioned "If It Wasn't For You Meddling Kids" by Apocalypsos.
So I went to re-read that, but the account has been deleted. I checked the purged/deleted list but they're not listed. A google search brings up Parts 2 &
3, but I can't get a hold of Part 1.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks guys!

EDIT: Apocalypsos' dreamwidth account is still working, and fic is still accessible.
Guys, I’ve been re-reading the amazing “Killer Romance 'Verse (aka The Adventures of crimeboss!Jared and ex-assassin!Jensen)” Verse by Saone, and the “Bad Ass Boys 'Verse” by splashpink, and am looking the see if there are any more stories in the same vein.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be crime lord Jared/ex assassin, though those would be amazing, rather any story where Jensen is underestimated, or is perceived as vapid or just a pretty face, but in reality is razor sharp, ruthless or dangerous.

Many thanks.
I'm looking to read Wincest fics where there's a plot twist or surprise ending, where the reader doesn't know what's really happening until later, such as 1) one of the brothers gaslights/manipulates the other, 2) secretly a demon/monster and the other doesn't know, 3) someone else has changed reality for one or both of the brothers, 4) one is hallucinating/mentally ill.
I'm looking for a fic where Sam tells John Dean died during the faith ep (bc he hadn't shown yet).
John shows up and sees Dean is still alive. I dont remember what happens after that.
Hope somebody knows what I'm talking about.
I'm really sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, but I didn't know where else to go. I periodically head over to the sam dean slash archive - samdean.archive.nu - to read some favourite stories that I've never found anywhere else online. Sylvanwitch, and Jassy to name but a couple of Authors.
In particular I'm obsessive about Jassy' "learning to breathe" stories, and her "regrets series" and "Finding home" and several others that aren't available on archive of our own, or anywhere else I'm aware of.
I was on samdean archive just last week, and all seemed fine, but it's been down, with only an error message showing for the last 3-4 days, nad I'm beginning to get panicky. What if this is permanent?? How will I survive without reading any on the stories I'd favourite there ever again????
Does anyone have any news?
Or at the very least know where I can find the Jassy stories and sylvanwitch stories that aren't saved on archive of my own?
Someone please preserve my sanity. I cannot live in a world where these stories are lost forever!
I'm looking for specific vessel sharing fic. Cas takes Dean as a vessel for some reason, and Dean/Cas get together. Jimmy is also in it, alive and well, and I think there's Sam/Jimmy. Cas switches vessels between Jimmy and Dean a couple times. And most of it takes place in a cabin in the woods. Does anyone know what fic this is?
11 January 2017 @ 03:19 pm
Hello! I read this particular fic ages ago, and loved it. Unfortunately, I can't remember the author, title, or where it was posted. Here's what I do remember: it is AU from season six finale, Godstiel takes Dean as his sex slave, mutilates Dean's soul to make him more pliable, then comes to his senses/wakes up/reverts back and has to find all the pieces of Dean's soul to save him. Thanks so much in advance!

I thought I had this saved, in my "to be read" list, but I can't find it. I believe it was called something like "The Scariest Place". Sam is fragile, following his time in the cage, and the three go to a farm (maybe) for him to recuperate. Thanks for any help!

FOUND:  http://bree-black.livejournal.com/81000.html

11 January 2017 @ 02:35 pm
I’m looking for A/B/O fics where Sam and Dean (or J2) act completely differently in and out of the bedroom. As in, they act like friends or brothers most of the time with all the banter and pranks, but when in the bedroom they fall into
completely separate dominant/submissive roles (i.e. the Omega is completely submissive, no backtalk or pushiness, the Alpha is clearly dominant). No preference for who is in which role.
All kinks are fine, but consensual relationships only, please, I’m not looking for anything dark.
Thanks for the help!
11 January 2017 @ 02:55 am
The fic I'm looking for was from Sam's POV and was fairly long. There was a lot of Sam who was in high school pining for Dean who I don't think was. I remember two scenes clearly.

1) Sam and his girlfriend call Dean from the high school bathroom stall they're hiding in because someone's running around the school with a gun. Dean gets to the school and runs in and finds Sam and the OFC in the bathroom. Dean may have fought the shooter, but I can't remember. They all get out safely.

Second sceneCollapse )
Hi there. I've recently been reading some Djinn/dream world fics to which one or other of our Sam and Dean are transported.
While at first there seem to be perks to these worlds, such as John and Mary being alive/Jess/ Sam going to college/Dean having a wife, etc, invariably the brothers have never bonded, barely acknowledge each other and at times dislike or even hate one another.

It'd be nice to read a fic where they have bonded, and love and care for one another just as our Sam and Dean do.
I wondered if there were any fics that took the Djinn/dream world in that direction, for though I enjoy the genre, the stories always leave me feeling kinda sad for what could have been for the alt. Sam and Dean.

Only looking for gen. If the alt. Winchesters are in a wincestuous relationship, the dynamics of this type of fic change completely.
Thanks to all.
I was looking through some tags looking for stories and came across a mention of this story which seems to be part of a deleted journal and now I am wondering if someone has a copy or a link to it somewhere and if so, would you mind sharing (if it's o.k. by the author of course).

It's splashpink's "Slow is smooth and smooth is steady" A quote from it includes: "...picture of a bloody Padalecki kneeling in his drive, his arms wrapped around his bodyguard."

It really sounds intriguing and I would be very interested in reading it.

Thank you in advance.

Of course any other bodyguard stories (with Jensen as the bodyguard) would be welcomed as well but I really would love the above story.

Thank you again!

Specific Fic FOUND, see comments.(Thank you!) Still open to other recs. :)
08 January 2017 @ 10:12 pm
I read this a while ago, and I remember loving it but somewhere along the way I lost this beautiful fic and for the life of me I can't remember the name. luckily I remember most details...
Its a spy au and jared is the spy and jensen is (i forget the word for it) but basically he guides Jared and watches him through cameras and talks to him through an earpiece. I remember Jared is flirty at first and Jensen is kind of grumpy, and i know sometime along the way jensen gets kidnapped and his back is really messed up, then they both go to hawaii or something?? i also know this is a death!fic and jensen is shot and then jared kills himself with a bomb or something.
Can someone please give me a link? ive been trying to find this forever, lol.
08 January 2017 @ 05:40 pm
I'm looking for any stories where Sam says or does something mean to Dean when he's drunk (or on drugs or grieving or something). Would prefer if he realizes and is sorry later, but that's not necessary. Thanks!
Hi! So I was wondering, do you know any SU fic where cas is sexually assaulted or harassed by a human/angel/etc and dean saves him or defends him? Like,the fic doesnt have to resolve around that, just a small event that occurs somewhere in the fic that’s not really important for the plot. If you can help thank you in advance and sorry for the trouble.
07 January 2017 @ 11:54 pm
Hi there!

I need a help finding an old fanfic. The platform was either AO3 or fanfiction.net, probably the latter.

TW FOR GORE but the plot is Sam made a deal with this man where has has to give some of his blood away to the man once a week to save Dean from hell. The man gives the blood to this vampire, Sam passes out from blood loss in an alley way, Dean finds him, and he goes to a hospital, but plays it off as nothing. Dean follows him giving blood and Lilith shows up.

If anyone has any idea what fic this is, please let me know. Thanks so much <3

FOUND: It's Black Market https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8896691/1/Black-Market
07 January 2017 @ 06:54 pm
i read this fic years ago so it's not recent fic by any means. if i remember correctly, the fic had jared and jensen meeting at a party and not liking each other at first sight. jensen went through a lot of heavy things when he got to Hollywood and has a really warped perspective of what it means to be a young actor in the Industry and a young gay man. jensen acts like a bit of a jerk and jared is pretty much in love with him the whole time, though he tries to keep it casual and not scare jensen off. at one point they break up, but it ends in a happy ending. i remember that the fic made it clear that jensen thought he wasn't good enough for jared, and he had these pretty screwed up protective/destructive instincts toward him. the story begins before they start on Supernatural, which is where the j2 non au "kind of" thing comes in. thank you, in advance!

Thank you again!
Found: The New!OTP Verse by strippedpink:  http://strippedpink.livejournal.com/?skip=10&tag=new%20otp%20%27verse
One of my favorite Sam/Dean/Jess fanfics quietly got deleted from AO3. Searching the Web has revealed only my own link to it. I don't know who the author was, but I'm hoping someone here might know, or even have a copy of it.

Build Your House on the Sand (Sam/Dean/Jess)
Half-brothers Sam and Dean have just been chased off by the Winchester pack, presumably to go find territories and mates of their own. Dean's prepared to be a lonely lone wolf, but Sam isn't planning on letting Dean go. Now if only Dean could get with the program. (Once the brothers stake their own territory, another lone wolf - Jess - shows up and moves in, making it clear she's not trying to replace Dean but rather join them both.)
06 January 2017 @ 09:10 pm
I'm looking for an oldie but a goodie. Pertinent details:

  • It's a bit metaphysical in tone

  • Also, pretty short--probably under 1500 words

  • The three Winchester guys are the three billy goats Gruff, and there's a troll under the bridge. And a narrator.

  • The narrator's pretty important to the style of the piece: think "Fractured Fairytales" from Rocky & Bullwinkle

  • The narrator translates what each Winchester says? I think?

  • I'm not sure of the order, but Dean comes last and basically explodes the troll with his too-rich self-sacrificial angst

  • As I recall, the whole thing was very, very funny

Ring any bells? Anyone have a bookmark to share?

FOUND: Conversational Winchester for Trolls by eloise_bright
06 January 2017 @ 11:12 pm
I am looking for any fics where Sam has been kidnapped by someone and then when he is found, he has to go through some sort of therapy - physical therapy, counselling, things like having to learn something again - because of the trauma he went through during the time he was kidnapped or because of an injury. It is the aftermath that I am particularly interested in, and is why I am asking for something with Sam having to have treatment of a certain kind.

If anyone can recommend any fics, that'd be great. Thanks!
06 January 2017 @ 07:48 pm
Hi everyone!
I am looking for a fic that I read a really long time ago so I don't remember much of it. Sam and Dean are adult. John is alive. Sam got de-aged but with adult mind and the only way to make him big again was to make him feel small. I think that Dean gave him a superhero underwear to try to make him feel like a little kid but didn`t work. When John came, he put him over his knees for a spanking and then he got back to his normal size. John explained that when Sam was 18 he spanked him and he made Sam feel like a small kid so he tried again and it worked. I think John took a picture with a kid Sam. Does anybody knows what I am talking about?
05 January 2017 @ 09:50 pm
Hello lovely boys and girls. I have been searching high and low for a gen story that I read a while ago and of course didn't bookmark-- please help me find it ;in the story , Sam is still suffering from Post Hell hallucinations and so him and Dean settled down in an old house that Dean starts renovating. I know that there are a couple of similar type story lines, so here's one thing that stands out . Dean casually being horny in a joking way, and Sam kneels down in front of him and prepares to sexually service him and starts crying while dean freaks out and trys to comforts him.....help a girl get her h/c fix please?
This is what I get for reading old rec lists; broken links. pdf or download, anyone?

Summary: he cleans the knives with methodical precision, but sometimes he cuts his finger on the blade as it comes off the whetstone.
05 January 2017 @ 01:00 pm
I keep looking for this fic I read but just can't find it. It was Sam/Dean Sam gets cursed somehow and every time Dean touches him he comes. Dean finds out after tackling Sam since Sam suddenly starts avoiding his touch.I remember that Dean tests how long it takes in a diner cause Sam would fight it in public. I'm pretty sure it was on livejournal.

Also are there any stories similar to this? I find a lot with Dean being cursed but not a lot with Sam.

04 January 2017 @ 08:24 pm
Sam had a relationship with Loki/Gabriel in college, thinking him a human. Eventually Gabriel leaves because he's getting too involved with Sam. A few months later Sam realizes he's pregnant. He hides it and Jess (as a friend) helps by posing as the mother. Sam gets back just in time to save the baby, named Loki for his father I think, from the fire. He goes with Dean, but doesn't hunt, hiding the fact that his son isn't entirely human since Dean and John wouldn't accept him. Eventually Dean sees Loki do magic but accepts it. John doesn't when he finds out and wants to kill the baby and almost fights with Sam about it.

Bobby's involved somehow too, but just wants Sam and the baby safe and happy. Somehow Gabriel finds out about his son and takes him and Sam away from John. I think Dean summoned him? Because he wanted to kill him?
04 January 2017 @ 06:39 pm
I'm in the mood for some Angel!Sam fics. I've noticed 3 main types:

1.) Sam turns into an angel/gets wings due to magic/ritual/curse/etc. I haven't found any really good examples of this that aren't dean-centric.

2.) Sam used to be an angel, but fell, and therefore forgot. Example: Unlikely Places by EclipseWing

3.) Non-hunter AU where basically angels are the norm. Example: Flight by vamprav.

I like all three variations, but haven't been able to find that many, so anything you can give me would be wonderful. I'll take any parings, or even no parings, I don't care. I'd just prefer the fic not be Dean-centric.

Thank you in advance!
04 January 2017 @ 10:45 am
Happy New Year, everyone!

I'm looking for a specific fic I read about Cas' time being controlled. Unfortunately, all I can remember is there's a part where Dean's observing Cas, and notices that his eye looks strange (ie irritated, red, bruised, like something had been inserted into it, etc. I don't remember specifically how it was described).

And in general, I'd love any fics dealing with what Cas endured under Naomi or the angels who captured him later on: the "lobotomy," those creepy head contraptions, any fic surrounding these or related subjects. Aftermath is good, too! I'm a sucker for hurt!cas, caring/comforting!Dean and/or Sam, others. Can be gen or slash.

I hope some part of that drivel makes even a bit of sense; I'm afraid I am not very articulate at the moment.

Thank you all so much!
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Hi, everyone!
I'm looking for any fic with Sam become the Boy King or getting possessed by Lucifer, and make Dean his consort. One plus, if Dean's unwilling but he couldn't say "no" to Sam. Double plus, if Sam's so possessive on Dean. Triple plus, for BAMF!Dean (like maybe the demons afraid of Dean because he was the most favorite pupil of Alastair, or maybe Dean's adored by the demons because he's the only one who doesn't afraid to reprimand the BoyKing!Sam/Lucifer!Sam if he's gone too far). I accept any genre, but I only want bottom!Dean if the fic's an explicit one.
Thanks in advance~!!
04 January 2017 @ 09:14 am
I just read this over the holidays and now can't find it. 99% certain it was on LJ. It was actually two separate stories, posted at the same time. In the first Mary discovers wincest
[Spoiler (click to open)]
and gets off on the thoughts of her sons together. I can't remember if she seduces Dean in the first, and then he brings Sam in for a threesome in the second, or if she doesn't become physical with them until the second story, but by the end of the second story, all three of them are together in the bunker.

Virtual cookies to anyone who can help me find these!

(mods, do we not have a season 12 tag yet?)
03 January 2017 @ 10:49 pm
Hey guys!

I'm on vacation and I was exploring the One Secretly Has The Other's Child theme at j2_recs. I've read all of them and I was wondering if any of you could suggest more stories with the same description. I'm not picky but I'd rather read finished stories.
Thanks in advance!
03 January 2017 @ 04:32 pm

I´m looking for a fic where Jensen is a powerful old vampire and falls in love with Jared.

Thank you for your help!!
03 January 2017 @ 01:14 pm

So Yeah Me Again!!

im Looking For A Specific Hurt Dean Fic I Dont Remember Alot But I Remember A Scene Where Dean And Sam Were In The Hospital And Dean's Condition I Think was worse and he wanted to see sam and he walked to hus room and was bleeding and found john and sam fighting and i think he fell and passes out and was taken to the OR.

Thats all ...thanks in an advance

02 January 2017 @ 10:53 pm
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago and like usual I seemed to have forgotten to save it somewhere so that I could read it again. Here is what I remember:

~The Js were not together in the beginning of the fic
~The story took place in a cozy little beach town
~If I remember correctly either Sophia or sandy called Jared up to persuade him to come visit (I think the caller had cancer) but he doesn't find out about that information until later on in the fic.
~I think Jared moved away to go to college leaving all of his friends behind.
~ I remember that the usual CW gang was also very much a part of the story (I.E.) Tom,Mike,Chad.
~ I can't remember how Jared and Jensen ended up together but it was definitely a slow build.
~ I think there might have been a wedding happening and that could have been the reason sandy or Sophia gave to Jared to make him go there to see her but I can't remember who it involved.
~ There also might have been a part were everyone is talking about the good old days when everyone was around and always there to hangout.

I hope this sounds like a fic that someone recognizes!

Thanks in advance
02 January 2017 @ 09:35 pm
Hi so i'm looking for an au destiel fic. It had alpha/beta/omega dynamics in it. Anyway Dean was a cop or a detective and got called to investigate cas' home because an alpha had broken into it and released alpha pheromones? and that is a very offensive crime to an omega. I remember cas wasn't home at the time and cas' neighbor (meg I think) had called dean. Dean volunteers to look out for cas until they find out who broke in and they develop feelings along the way. I remeber Cas was an omega and had a baby with a rich omc, because he used to be his secretary (I think) but they had no hard feelings and cas actually set up the omc with his soulmate who was adam. Another thing is that Zachariah had kidnapped Cas and his child in an attempt to claim cas and get rid of his child. Fortunately Dean came just in time and saved both Cas and his child and arrested Zachariah. So as you can see i'm a little spotty with all the details, but hopefully someone knows what fic i'm talking about. Thanks in advance!!
02 January 2017 @ 08:17 pm
Hello I am looking for a copy of the fic called Jingle, I don't know who wrote it. I found a link but it was dead and I haven't been able to find another one. Here is the summary:
Jared knows his 14 year old neighbor Jenny is staying all by herself in their house. Her parents left for the Christmas holidays. That particularly early morning, he knocks on the door to "check up on her" and Jenny opens it, all gorgeous and rumpled in just her overlarge shirt barely covering her legs and ass. The cold is making her nipples erect.

Please let me know if you know the story.
02 January 2017 @ 04:19 pm
I seem to have lost/forgotten where I read this fic. Jensen was in college and went to a party with Danneel, the college had some kinda taxi service that they called to get back and Jared was the driver. Jared misunderstood the relationship between them and laid into Jensen for her being drunk. I think there was a panic attack in there somewhere? Also Jared may have been famous? I'd love to read this again if anyone knows where I can find it.
Hello! I'm looking for a specific fanfiction that I just can't find anywhere! I think it's based around 9x13 The Purge, after Dean and Sam have their fight, but I can't say for sure. Sam leaves the bunker, and Dean is left heartbroken. Sam goes back to college, gets married, haves a kid I think, and he calls Dean once a month or so. That was until Dean smashed his phone. Cas isn't in this story, and in the end Dean does something terrible, and Sam doesn't find out until 4 months later or something? It could possibly be a one!shot, but I'm not sure. The whole story describes Dean's depression and is very well written. Thanks in advance!

(Found by the lovely person in the comments who knew the title of this amazing story.)
I am looking for the story "Yes, chef!" by SloeDjinn. Unfortunately it was removed from live journal and archiveofourown. If anyone has a copy please post it here!

Edited: This has been found! A million thanks!
Happy New Year!

I know in the past I have looked for stories where Sam realizes all that Dean has sacrificed throughout their lives but now I am looking for stories where Sam knows how much Dean sacrifices for him and all that Dean does for everyone else that he does something significant for Dean to show him that he appreciates him. Can be something as simple as Sam giving Dean a thoughtful gift or as big as planning a birthday party with their Hunter"family".

I'm also looking for stories where Sam defends Dean or even brags about him. Stories where Sam points out how smart Dean is to either their dad or other hunters. Where he points out the EMF meter that Dean made or how Dean figures out patterns on cases quicker and better than other hunters. Even stories where he brags about Dean to his Stanford friends and tells them that it was Dean who raised him.

Gen and wincest are fine. Please no WIPs. Self recs are always welcomed.

Thank you in advance for any recommendations you can offer.
02 January 2017 @ 12:30 am
Happy new year !

I try to find a story where Gabriel and Sam are in University and Gabriel is too short to take books on shelfs and Sam help him. Then Gabriel always finds Sam to take books for him, and Sam thinks than gabriel are making fun of him so he reject him. Then Sam's friends make him understand than gabriel was trying to flirt and they finish together. It was a one shot I think ( something short ).

I hope you could help me ( and sorry for the faults but I'm French ... I do my best ! )

Thanks ^^
01 January 2017 @ 02:13 pm

1 ) Because there is coming Fifity Shade of Darker movie, I was wondering is there J2 version this movie? Or Sam/Dean. I didin´t like the the first movie but J2 version it could work ;D I like long fic but you can one shot, too! Only TopSam, please ;p

2) Anything dark Sam/Dean fic. ? Give me your favorites!
3) Also PrgenantDean are ok, too! Only TopSam again.

4) some history fanfiction with J2 or Sam/Dean

Thank you!
01 January 2017 @ 01:31 am
hi all!
I'm looking for fics wherein Sam lets Dean have the motel room to himself to have fun, but maybe the woman (or women) ask if the cute brother (sam) to come join in.
Maybe Dean is hesitant because it'd be weird as fuck, or is indifferent and they coax him into coming in.

Whether its its own story, or a coda to the episode where Dean is with the twins.

It can lead to Sam/Dean or not. Doesn't matter.

I would imagine if these fics are around, its Dean shacking up with women, but Dean shacking up with men is fine too (if any).

31 December 2016 @ 04:24 pm
Does anyone know where I can find a link or pdfs for works by shiplessheathen/goingtoqueens? I'm specifically interested in These Pieces They Adjoin and When The Stars Go Blue. The journal is deleted and I've never been able to track them down. Thanks in advance!