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23 January 2011 @ 05:41 pm

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21 August 2014 @ 03:58 pm
I´m looking for a fic where Dean abuses and rapes Sam repedetly because Sam started the apocalypse(?).

I think Gabriel came to Sam´s rescue. Dose anyone knows the story?
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21 August 2014 @ 05:33 am
I wish I had saved this fic and I am so mad I didn't. I want to read it again really bad. The fic had a sequel. I think in the first story J2 were in high school and they were already in an established relationship. I think Jensen was kind of goth, but he was an artist and he wore lots of black, while Jared was a happy go lucky person. I remember that Jared would draw hearts on Jensen's wrist. In the sequel they were in college and Jensen's friends were surprised that he was with Jared because they viewed Jared as a ken doll or something and he was the opposite of Jensen I think. There was also a scene where for Halloween Jared and Jensen dressed as each other. Jared dressed up as a goth and Jensen wore what Jared usually wore.
21 August 2014 @ 12:32 am
Hey all. Back again and this time I'm looking for trans!Sam stories.

It doesn't matter if it is mtf!Sam or ftm!Sam. I'll take either one.

Gen or pairings, it really doesn't matter to me. I'll take whatever trans!Sam stories there are.

20 August 2014 @ 11:28 pm
With 100+ temps outside I'm craving J2 heat exhaustion fics. Lots of worried, sweaty boys please. Mods I could find no tags for heat exhaustion. Help, please.
Hey Guys!

I've been on the look for this story that had Dean in this biker gang (or maybe some other type of gang?). Anyways, he meets Castiel who is a libarian (I am not entirely sure about that detail though). I think that they end up hooking up, maybe at a bar or something and get into a relationship.

Something Castiel gets kidnapped by one of Dean's gang rivals, Alistair I think, and when they finally rescue him he isn't the same. Soon, it turns out that the abuse the Alistair put Castiel through change him and his way of coping through it was violence.

I wasn't like normal domestic violence because in this case it was mutual. Castiel copes with his abuse by being more rough and aggressive with in all facets of there relationship, especially sexually. Castiel would urge Dean to be as rough as possible with him during sex leaving bruises and hand prints over his body, slamming each other against the walls and even hitting each other sometimes. Dean was initially against being that rough with Castiel, but he was slowly losing him so he went along with it.

Dean's friends start to notice this change in there relationship when they start seeing Castiel with bruises and hand prints over his neck, initially believing that Dean is abusing him. Several times during the story they make comments to both Dean and Castiel about how they are abusing each other.

Other than that, I do believe that Dean ended up getting locked up because he got framed for murdering someone he didn't actually murder.

There is also a small possibility that this story could have been J2
I recall reading this on Archive of Our Own (It might be on LJ as well) and this story also had a verse and was complete or at least this part of the verse was.
And also, I am 100% that this was completely top!dean with no switching present, or at least written.

Thanks in advance!
(Couldn't find the Abuse tag)
20 August 2014 @ 08:59 am
It seems that I always see authocracy's work all over the place. She has a great writing style and writes about things I enjoy. However, when you go to her actual journal it's nearly empty. I know she posts in places like spnkink-meme, I was wondering if anyone has links to her stuff.
I read a story when Sam finds a book of different types of Devil's Traps in the Men of Letters bunker and starts to experiment with them. He draws one and gets stuck in it and can't get out. I remember that Sam thought it was because of the demon blood but that wasn't why he was stuck. I think Dean ends up rescuing him in the end, he might have been stuck for a couple of days?
21 August 2014 @ 01:49 am
Hi everyone! I would like to read some nice J2 (or Wincest AUs) sports fics, in which one of both of the boys are professional sportsmen. Soccer, football, baseball, racing, whatever... I'd just like the stories to be well-written and enjoyable, maybe some of your favourites.
Thank you very much!
20 August 2014 @ 08:20 pm
I am looking for a specific fic that I saw a few years ago that involved non-con, due to the dark content of the story I'm putting the request after the cut.

Read more...Collapse )

I am looking for hurt/comfort fics with Dean and Castiel, or J2 where one of them suffered any form of abuse or was hurt in some way and the other one takes care of them and deals with the after math, or one was abused in the past and the other helps get them past it. Can be gen or slash, any length or rating.

The stories I have found so far for this are Jensen Ackles Doesn't Exist by Xenodike, Coming Down on a Sunny Day by Maychorian, and Last Resort by Choosetolive and DreamsofSpike,
Hi, there: New to the community, posting for a friend who has searched far and wide for the fic described as:

So, Sam goes out in the night to wait for Dean's annual return. When Dean shows up they are together, naturally. Sam ponders the twenty-four hours they will have while he waits. There is mention of the Underworld, as well as the deity involved.

We know that it is not Zanne's "Persephone is Bleeding" or my "Persephone, Redux."

Searcher has tried a wide variety of search terms over at AO3 with no joy. Any and all help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
20 August 2014 @ 08:45 pm
Hello everyone,

I'm pretty new to the fandom.
I would like to be pointed into the direction of fic in which we see that Castiel (maybe Human!Cas) still has at least some remnants of faith in a good God (f.ex. Castiel, when desperate, prays).
I would be especially happy if in this fic the existence of a loving, caring, personal God is at least possible, maybe even hinted at.
One fic which was really perfect in this way was "Pride an Pestilence" by Celtic Amazon.
Thanks in advance.

Miss Heights

(I hope I didn't miss a fitting tag.)
I'm looking for a fic I lost when my computer crashed, in which Jared is a barrista or a coffeeshop owner. During the year he is experimenting with new blends and styles of coffee and Jensen is tasting all of them. I remember that Jared refuses to offer pumpkin spice coffee in October because it is so cliche, and Jensen is dissappointed, so Jared finally caves and makes it for Jensen. I also distinctly remember that Jared is asking Jensen: "Are you purring at it?" because Jensen is so happy to get his pumpkin spice latte.
I hope someone can find it. Thanks
I just discovered that velvetine01 has deleted her journal. Any chance someone here knows if she's moved to another site or if
any of her stories are available anywhere?
She wrote three great ones, one moving from the pilot through the years with developing wincest, another with others seeing the wincest before they do, and one short with Sam/Ellen that blew me away.
20 August 2014 @ 03:17 am
Hi everyone! I'm looking for any fic with Sam deaged to a teenager, preferably with Dean still being an adult. I usually find ones with Sam being turned into a toddler but I'm looking for him to be a little older.  Anything with Dean having to look out for him or just being an awesome big brother would be great.
Hey! I've been looking for a specific story all day and hope you guys can help me out. Here goes.

Dean is angry at Sam, so they split up and they don't see each other for months until Dean shows up at Bobby's and finds Sam there. He re-injures Sam accidentally when they first reunite because he's angry/didn't know Sam was hurt, and Sam goes to the hospital. Throughout the fic, Dean finds out Sam got shot in the back during a robbery and injured his spine (Dean made this injury worse). Lots of h/c and guilt, and Dean reconnecting and helping Sam.

I remember they find out Sam was actually shot by a shifter (Dean watches the security tape from the robbery), and that shifter shows up again near the end of the fic in a big showdown.

I'll be forever grateful to whoever knows what fic this is! Really wanted to read it today.
Thank you.
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19 August 2014 @ 08:14 pm
I'm looking for:
1. Specific Sam Winchester fic - Where Mary is alive and Sam remembers his life as a hunter. Sam while a teenager now has continued to hunt monsters, one of which attacked him making it look like suicide. So his parents now don't trust him, his brother is worried and decides to follow him out the window after he made his escape through it yet again (he does this quite a bit I think). I think eventually Dean starts to believe him and they start to hunt together (but again I'm not sure)

I'm also looking for some other fics that I've posted before - but didn't really get a response for -

General Wincest/J2 fics - looking for any: (I like bottom Jared/Sam more, although I won't say no to bottom Jensen/Dean)
2. Mpreg, A/O/B, Werewolf/Knotting - the longer the better, but I'll take anything,
3. Time Travel - fics like - The Time-Traveler's Brother by gretazreta but any is fine,
4. Merman - where one or both boys have/get tails,
5. Tron - any fic but more along the lines of Tron Legacy,
6. Sam with wings - growing wings (nothing to do with Lucifer) &

7. AU fics that include Jess dying and Dean not coming to Stanford like he did in the pilot.

I know this is a lot but If anyone can help me find some of these that would be great, Thanks in advance.

19 August 2014 @ 02:12 am
Hey, guys! I've lost a fic and I'm hoping you all could help me find it. Here's what I remember about it:

1) I'm almost certain that it's hosted on AO3.
2) It's a long fic, multi-chapter. I also remember it having multiple parts, or at least multiple epilogues.
3) It's Destiel, but a slow burner: they don't get together right away or even soon into the fic. Dean, at least, spends a lot of time coming to terms with his feelings for Cas.
4) In the very beginning of the fic, the boys are working a case. Dean finds a toddler boy in someone's home who is being abused, and the boy only has one hand. Cas is able to communicate with the boy with his angel powers and Cas enables Dean to legally adopt him by doctoring the paperwork in the system.
5) The boy calls Cas "Tad," which is "dad" in another language. It's super sweet.

Any ideas???
18 August 2014 @ 09:55 pm
I'm looking for a story that was on AO3 just over a year ago. It was Jared/Jensen, Jared was a prince of hell and Jensen was a shy virginal inncubus (I think). Does that ring any bells with you?

Anyone? Bueller?
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hi guys

I'm looking for a fic where Dean wake up few years in the future (in a motel room I think) and discover he is in a romantic relationship with Castiel. (he discover later they are married)
I think it's fallen!cas (but it was way before season 9 and even before season 8)
I remember Dean is having a "gay panic"
Sam is awesome in this and try to calm him down and tells him to be nice with Castiel because Cas kinda lost his Dean (future!Dean) and he (past!Dean) act like a dick to him.
I remember that it's really hard for Cas, he is hurt that Dean push him a away a lot.
Dean is acting as his future self is not really him.
I remember that Cas hide his ring a bit but not sure.
But finally Dean accept the thing and come to like this intimate relation with Castiel and yeah he admit he is in love with him.
I remember Sam and Castiel find a way to send him back in his time (and of course the future Dean is back to his time too) (or maybe it happen itself because there's a lot of fic like that and I may mix things together sorry :p)
I'm sorry it's blurred it's been a great while and I think it's well known fic but I searched for months and I can't find it, please help?
Thank you very much !
Have a great day/night :)

Oh and it's NOT :
The story of you and me :
neither it is : The day the world went away: (it's similar and it's a great fic btw I rec it to you guys!)
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Hi. I'm looking for a specific fic where Sam kept Dean from going to Hell. I've been searching for the fic for a couple years and haven't been able to find it anywhere. I can't remember the title or author, but I believe it was on livejournal. In the fic Sam made a deal with a demon to keep Dean safe. He had to get Dean to a specific location (I believe there was a circle involved somehow) and to do this he told Dean there was a hunt. In reality they were hunting the demon Sam made a deal with (or a cohort of said demon). This demon took Dean somewhere and used him as a cagefighter (Dean was still human I think). As Dean was fighting Sam was embracing the powers of the demon blood in his veins. He became a hot-shot powerful leader of a group of demons.
Sam and Dean eventually meet, but Sam doesn't remember Dean at all. Dean ends up going with Sam and Sam's band of demons somehow. I think Sam starts remembering Dean and this makes him angry.
As I said, it's been a while since I read so the details are kind of vague. I remember loving it and would really like to read it again. Any help would be appreciated.
17 August 2014 @ 10:43 pm
All I want is some fics where Dean/Jensen just worships Sam/Jared's ass. I'll take anything. The smuttier the better ;)

(I'm also open to weecest and underage but please only ones where Sam/Jared is at least 13...I mean like unless they're REALLY good and I should deff consider reading them...)

Thanks a bunch!
Love you guys! ~Michelle xoxoxox
17 August 2014 @ 10:32 pm
Hi all,
I've read so many fics that I'm finding it hard to find really great fics that I haven't already read - you know those really amazing ones that make you go "wow"? Can you please rec me your favourite fics in the fandom? Like if someone was to ask you what is your favourite fic, then what one or two fics would you pick over all else?

Anything goes, I'll read the warnings, I'm just hungry for really well-written fics. Thank you!!

NB: Incidentally mine are Safest Place To Hide and Bright Lights Of Disturbia if you're interested.
17 August 2014 @ 03:58 pm
Its a recent Sassy story I read here on Lj and forgot to save. Sam and Dean were part of a space exploration team. They traveled to cosmos to land on a type of celestial planet. They meet Cas. Sam and Cas hit it off right away. I don't want to tell much without giving it away for those that will read it. When I did read it, I don't think with was complete yet. It left off on a rather bad place. Please help.
18 August 2014 @ 12:28 am

I was just reading a fanfiction and suddenly my browser closed and now I'm trying to find the story I was reading again.. I didn't read much but I remember the beginning pretty well

-Jared was in his last year of highschool (not sure if it was highschool or college, but I'm pretty positive it was highschool)
-he wanted a room with Chad but his father decided he'll room with a new student (it was some kind of a program)
-Jensen was new, had a scholarship & he was Jared's roommate, Jared wasn't nice to him as they first met
-Jensen had tattoos and piercings and Chad heard that he stabbed someone on his old school
-Jared and Chad got drunk on the first night and drunken Jared asked Jensen if he really killed someone, then Jared passed out
-Jensen was pretty nervous the next morning and although he didn't really like Jared he woke him and Jared offered to show Jensen around

I would be sooo happy if somebody could help me!!
Hi all!

First I was wondering if there is any Steve Rogers/Dean Winchester (additional people to the ship is fine) fics out there. I've already looked through A03 so I was wondering if anybody had any from LJ, tumblr, etc. (Videos are appreciated too.)

Second, I was wondering if anybody had a copy of the Destiel video "Can't Pretend" by July8thprod? (It's set to the music "Can't pretend" by Tom Odell)

Thank you so much!
17 August 2014 @ 08:42 pm
Hey, I have been looking for some serious brother!kink.
I just want it to be Dean/Sam/Adam and dirty. That's all. HIT ME!

Hope You Can Help Me! ;3
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I've been through the Cops list on J2_recs and scanned through police tag on here but can't find the fic I'm looking for.

Jarred works in the evidence booking and meets Jensen when he comes in to book in evidence. One case he was working on, is to do with children and I think he brings Jared in a McDonalds at some point.

Any help in finding this would be greatly appreciated :)

EDIT: Story no longer available.
17 August 2014 @ 09:18 am
Hi like an idiot I forgot to save a story I read (most likely on LiveJournal) and now it has come back to haunt me. Anyways it started by Jensen getting thrown into a wall on set. Jared had the day off or something so he was at home. Misha, Cliff, and someone else have to deliver Jensen (who is drugged up to his eyeballs on pain meds) home. They are terrified to face the wrath of protective Jared and Misha also tells Jensen that Jared will give him a sponge bath later. Anyways Jensen distracts Jared as he turns out to only be pretending to be drugged for this purpose, so Misha and someone can make their escape.
Also wouldn't be apposed to any recs like this with drugged/sleepy boys or them pretending to be. Thanks in advance!
17 August 2014 @ 11:04 pm
Looking for a fic where Dean gets bitten by a rattle snake I think. It happens during a hunt. Sam drives frantically to a hospital & Dean hallucinates of hell/Lucifer/Alistair...

Any other fics where Dean gets bitten by a snake with lots of protective!Sam....
Hi, all!

So I'm looking for a fic where I think Jensen was sold/given to Jared. Here are the snippets I remember:

1. Jared and his friends came home drunk when Jensen was in the kitchen making a sandwhich. They scared him. He broke a glass. The next day, Jared had a hangover and didn't really remember what happened.

2. At some point in the fic, Jensen gets really sick. Like vomit on his clothes, needs-to-be-changed and get his fever down, call the doctor in the middle of the night sick.

3. Throughout the whole fic, Jensen is terrified of being good for nothing but baby-making. He and Jared go to a party and he's terrified to see all the pregnant omegas.

4. Finally, at one point, Jensen is kidnapped and dragged into the woods, though they question if he ran away at first.

I really hate myself for losing the fic, but I'm hoping someone can help me out. I'd also love to hear of any fics where an omega's heat comes on, but they unexpectedly run out of suppressants or something. Like, they're desperate and the alpha takes pity on them (without being too lustful about it). Thanks!
16 August 2014 @ 02:05 pm
I was just re-watching Wire in the Blood and the main character learns he has a tumor. When his doctor tells him of the symptoms if they don't remove it, well, it made me think of the boys.

Does anyone know of a story with either of them having to deal with something like this? I've come across a number of physical traumas/illness/injury stories but nothing regarding the brain.

I prefer no wincest or slash and no death-fic unless it's well done (No Line on the Horizon comes to mind)

Thanks in advance!
16 August 2014 @ 05:48 pm
Hi guys!
I’m wondering if there is some fics about Castiel becoming human and have to learn all this mundane people things – like sleeping, eating, pain, emotions etc. Just not, you know, all that “2014” stuff with drugs and orgies.
I’m looking for gen fics, but Dean/Cas ok too. (Please not PWP or wincest).
16 August 2014 @ 12:31 am
So I read this fic (and then promptly lost it) awhile back. It was a one-shot, with Sam saying yes and Lucifer taking him over, except it turned out Sam was much stronger than everyone gave him credit for, so he was able to retain control and push Lucifer away. I think it was gen, but I can't be sure.

Anyone remember which one it is?
15 August 2014 @ 05:04 pm
One of the boys, I think it is Jensen(but it could be Jared,)eagerly awaits a rite of passage which entails bathing in a pool of some type. If the water turns colors, then he is accepted , If not, then he is sent out to the rocky wilderness. When the water doesn't turn colors, and he is basnished and dooomed to die, Jared rescues him (again, I may have reversed the J's.) It turns out that there is no mystical power to the water, but some type of chemical reaction that occurs with the  soaps that are used in preparation. Jensen and Jared then make it their mission to rescue the boys as they are banished, and reveal the deception that has been going on for ages. Does anyone know what story I am describing, and is there perhaps a sequel?
Hello All,
I am just looking for some good old big brother Dean taking care of Sam ( Season 1- 8 okay)
with a lot of brotherly fluff, self rec welcome too.
Looking specifically where Dean is basically mother-henning the heck out of Sam and Sam is pouting cause he hates being delegated or reminded of his little brother status.

And there is no way to fight it cause Sam knows better from past experiences when Dean is in Mama Bear mode there no one that can get through and everyone who knows Dean step away and leave him to it. Something akin to "what I say goes Sammy"....
Also is there any of the stories has Sam looking to Bobby or Castiel or Even other characters for help..but they all have the same knee jerk reaction "awww hell no I'm not touching that with a ten foot pole... sorry kid you're on your own" They know better than to cross Dean when it comes to the well care of Sam....

I've been reading a lot of angtsy, tragedy, sad, and dark fic just looking for some sweet, light, fluffy, schoomp, man-hadnling cute fics to cheer me up this weekend/week really in a slump of sadness
I'm looking for a specific fic I lost. It was a non-au j2 crack- fic (at least definitely the genre was humour), the boys were living together and Jared was wondering if Jensen was really entirely human. I unfortunately remember only one scene- Jensen came to the kitchen in the morning wearing clothes and wrapped in a comforter or a duvet because he was cold and Jared told him he cannot go out wearing the bedding. I think that the fact that Jensen was constantly cold was one of the reasons Jared was wondering (of course humorously) if Jensen was human.
I home someone can recognise it.
15 August 2014 @ 11:12 am
Hello everyone!

Today I'm looking for two specific stories:

1) The pairing in the first story was Dean/Castiel. Their relationship developed very slow, especially when it came to sex. There was this scene, where they finally wanted to sleep with each other and Dean bought condoms. Sam saw the condoms and came to the conclusion that Dean planned to cheat on Cas. Dean had to tell Sam, that he and Cas were about to sleep together for the very first time. Sam was flabbergasted ;)
FOUND!! Link in comments.

2) Another Dean/Castiel story. The fic was about Dean trying to hide that he is gay troughout his entire life. Sam knew about it all along, but didn't tell Dean. In one scene Teen!Dean was holding hands under the table with another boy. At the end Dean and Cas were together and Sam finally told Dean, that he knew all along and that Dean didn't have to hide anymore.

Any ideas? Thank you so much for your help in advance!

14 August 2014 @ 08:28 pm
I'm almost sure this was on LJ, but it's been a few years since I last read it.

Anyway, in the story, Jared is a college student (maybe older), and he works at an arcade with Chad, I believe. Jared meets 12-14 year old Jensen at the arcade, and convinces Jensen to go home with him. Jensen pulls out a cheerleader uniform from his backpack or maybe Jared had it, I can't remember. There's also a sequel, I believe with Jensen feeling insecure about his relationship with Jared.

I can't remember the title or writer's name, and I've searched through everything I can think of.
15 August 2014 @ 12:05 am
so this is my first post, hopefully I'm doing it right.. I am just looking for some stories that I would like to read, but haven't really found anywhere. Self recs are welcome too!

Also something important, it would be awesome if none of these were wincest or Destiel, cause i'm just not into those pairings..

1: Any fics where Dean and Sam grew up apart, or that Dean was kidnapped when they were kids, but not ones where he grows up to be a sex slave or something like that, because I'm really not into that.. and Sam finds him when he grows up.

2: The second is kinda like the first, but if there are any fics out there where dean was kidnapped when he was little (preferably that Mary is still alive) and he escapes and eventually finds his family, or they find him.

3: Any fics of Dean and his year with Lisa and Ben would be awesome, it would be super awesome if there were any where a supernatural being came after Dean, or there was just one where they lived, and that Dean had to protect Lisa and Ben.

4: Any Dean/Jo fics, I would like ones with her and Dean being kidnapped maybe? and them having to escape together, or and Hurt!Dean fics with Jo taking care of him

That's really all I can think of.. It would be super awesome if I got responses!! Until next time!
14 August 2014 @ 10:05 pm
Hi all,

I'm looking for a specific J2 fic. It's set in high school. I may be mixing up two different stories, but in this one, one of the J's (Jensen, maybe?) is an artist and hoping to get into an art school. He secretly pines for the other J. Second J hooks up with a girl (Sandy, maybe?) at a party, and first J is upset. It ends up being J2.

Thanks in advance!
14 August 2014 @ 01:02 pm
Good afternoon all!! Spoilers for Season 2 (not sure if this is needed)


I've decided to re-watch Supernatural from the very beginning (wow are they young!) and I'm now looking for a story I read years ago, or anything like it. It's at the end of What Is and What Should Never Be, everything is cannon, except Dean doesn't wake up when he stabs himself, he stays in the dream world. He reconnects with the roadhouse and continues hunting.

Please no wincest.

Thank you.

I already went through almost all the tags, but I am looking for a story where I only remember two certain scenes and nothing else. But I know the story exist :)

Scene 1: Dean/Jensen bring Sam/Jared and himself to another pack where Alpha Misha/Castiel only accepts them if Dean submits to him, which does happen just to give Sam/Jared a safe pack to stay in. Sam eventually mates with an older wolf/leopard...something.

Scene 2: Dean/Jensen and Misha/Castiel find out Dean/Jensen can get pregnant, but when they find out it's too late and he loses the baby/cub. It takes awhile before he becomes pregnant again.

I know it isn't much, but I hope someone recognizes it and can give me either the link to the story or author or title.


Thanks in advance.

14 August 2014 @ 12:03 am
Help! Does anyone have an fics where people think Jared looks mean or is like badass, scary guy but on the other side he's a sweet guy or something of that? :)
14 August 2014 @ 12:36 am
Really all I want are stories where Sam and Dean aren't brothers. No relation at all. One can be a monster, or abused, or they meet on the same hunt, Smith, Wesson, any other name, etc., etc.

I just really want alternate universes like that, please. I will take anything and everything BUT NO MPREG!
Seriously no mpreg please. I'm not a big fan of that (no offense). I will take it where they adopted a kid or had a previous wife or what not.

Thank You!
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13 August 2014 @ 10:44 pm
i just want fics where jared is begging and mewling for more.
13 August 2014 @ 11:14 pm
Hi everyone! I'm looking for a specific J2 high school AU. Here are the details that I can remember:
-Jared was a pretty well behaved kid before he started dating Jensen.
-Jared's mom catches him trying to sneak out to see Jensen. I think Jared was already in trouble for something else involving Jensen at this point and gets grounded.
-Jensen breaks up with Jared or tells him they need to go on a break. Jared later finds out that his dad warned Jensen to stay away from him.
-The Js are pretty upset with each other for a while and both hook up with other people. Eventually, their friends force them to talk and they get back together.

Hopefully these are enough details. I'm also open to any other hs!au recs that anyone has. Thanks everyone!
13 August 2014 @ 08:40 am
Looking for a specific fic.  The thing that stands out about this one was that there was a good portion of it where Sam is living at the Roadhouse, and hunting with Ash.  Sam has changed his name to Jesse so that Ellen, etc. don't know he's a Winchester. The story starts out with the 3 Winchesters hunting together, then Sam & John fight about something and Sam leaves to hunt on his own.  Dean stays to hunt with John.  I think it ends up Sam/Dean.  I didn't read it on AO3 - probably LJ or FF.  Also, it's not new - it's been awhile since I read it.

I don't need a link - I just need a title as I'm sure it's sitting on my hard drive somewhere.  Thanks!
13 August 2014 @ 08:42 pm
Hi guys!!

I am craving for some nice fics where we get to see Dean or Sam in a full on mother hen mode on the other.I don't care if they are gen or slash if it has got either of the boys really really protective about the other over anything. I know there are lots of great caring Sam or caring Dean fics out there, but I am yet to find some with over protective boys. Stories where one of them is sick, or in trouble etc. and the other goes to ridiculous lengths to ensure that the other is okay... not in a sappy but a gruff winchester way? Fics of any genre (except PWP) with lots of snarky and schoompy motherhenning is welcome. Happy ending is a must :))

Thanx a million
12 August 2014 @ 05:46 pm
Hey guys - back again, so soon, I know. I have another specific fic request if you'll oblige me.

This one is set back during the season six finale (without going into too many season spoilers, we have here Godstiel). I believe the fic starts directly during the finale. Godstiel actually does something to Dean to make him the new Mother of All, and his body goes through some internal physical changes. Lots of hurt!Dean and emotionally!vulnerable Dean. Sam, Bobby, and Dean hole up at Bobby's place I believe where Godstiel visits Dean nightly with the intent to impregnate him with his children, new species of monster I believe - or not new? One of the kids is a vampire or werewolf or something, and the pack (or vampire nest or something) actually come to protect Dean while he's pregnant. Some of the sex scenes might be construed as non-con, but there are definitely some dub-con scenes.

Not sure if this was a WIP or complete. Either way, I'd like a link, darlings.

While I'm here, any links for your favorite vulnerable Dean fics? Bottom!Dean preferable, but general angst and hurt/comfort is of course welcome.

Sharing is caring. Thanks in advance guys. <3