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23 January 2011 @ 05:41 pm

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21 February 2017 @ 12:56 pm
Gabriel comes in to pay for his fancy car Dean fixed and pretends to talk on the phone to impress Sam and then Sam gets super pissed because he misses his class. Gabriel is a baker and Sam works at a bar
19 February 2017 @ 07:15 pm

I can't find an old favorite. It may have been on Sinful Desire, but I'm not sure. Anyway, it's from several years ago, and Dean ran away, when he found he was pregnant, thinking Sam didn't want kids. He was gone for months, planning to have the baby on his own, literally, when Sam tracked him down. They end up at Bobby's.

It was part of a series, with five (I think) stories total, including one where the boys and their children are at Sam's Christmas party (he's teaching at a college, by this point). It may have been called The Winchester Family series, but, again, I'm not sure.

School is kicking my butt, and I'd love to re-read this series and relax. Does anyone have a link or, even better a PDF? I'd love you long time!!!

20 February 2017 @ 08:09 pm
Hi, i read a story of sam when he was a teenager getting kidnapped by this creature who caught him and tortured him. He wrote on his thigh that he couldn't talk about it to anyone and that he liked pain instead of pleasure (not too sure if this is accurate). He cant say no to people and sleeps with anyone who asks whether he wants to or not.

When the creature has him, he sees dean walking away but doesn't say anything as he wants to protect him.

It ends up that a religious order have the answer but wont give sam the cure because he is seen as a sinner? I think it ends as Sam/Dean.

I really want to reread it hut cant remember the name of the fic.
Pleaee help me!
18 February 2017 @ 11:08 am
Hi, I'm looking for a specific fic and I read it a long time ago so I don't remember hardly anything.

It's probably short and it may have been wincest or gen but I remember Sam went to Stanford as he did but then dean never went to pick him up and I think the story starts with Sam graduating and he says he wants to see Dean.

I may have stopped reading it actually so sorry I don't know anything else... does anyone have any clue because I just remembered and I kind of want to read it and I can't find it
18 February 2017 @ 09:46 am
I am looking for a fic that I have the urge to read but cannot for the life of me find. I've gone through my bookmarks and saved lists, but I haven't found what I think I'm looking for.

It was a Castiel/Dean story where they had come up with an alternate way to stop the apocalypse. I know they get rest of the Angel Squad on board, because Dean spends various battles possessed by Michael (who has done an about face on previous stances and is now a friend of Dean and Castiel). Michael, however, does not possess Dean all the time, and the rest of the time he wears Dean's former aunt (she had been John's sister, and had been braindead in a hospital due to an accident, I think). They also get the Vatican on board to help stop the apocalypse, as Dean and various angels make several trips to Europe to meet with people snd collect things. I believe it was posted to Archive of our Own, but I'm not sure.

This sound familiar to anyone?
18 February 2017 @ 11:05 am
I'm looking for a fic I'm fairly sure I read on AO3 a while ago. I can't find it anymore and it's so difficult to find pure Sabriel fics on AO3 because everyone and their mother tags that ship in their Destiel fics (I'm not bitter).

The fic I'm looking for is a human AU and has Gabriel as a professional cuddler who basically sleeps in Sam's bed every night because Sam can't sleep alone anymore. Feelings develop on both sides but the fact that their relationship is supposed to be professional keeps them from talking to each other about it. Eventually Sam invites Gabriel to stay over "off the clock" and I think this is when they actually get together? I can't remember any other details. As for length, my best guess is that it was at least 5k words, but it could be longer, I don't remember.
17 February 2017 @ 08:34 pm
Awhile back I read a story that involved an abusive Dean. I don't remember everything, but what I do remember is Dean is sent to an alternate universe where he is abusive to Sam. When he first gets there he doesn't know that. He notices Sam flinches a lot when he touches him. They're staying with Bobby. He learns that their Dean hurts Sam and he's angry about it. He wants to go back to his universe but he also wants to stay to work things out with Sam. That's all I remember.
I swear I had this bookmarked but I can't find it and my searches are useless, please help. It starts with Dean kneeling beaten right after Sam and Adam fell, a shadow falls over him and it's Raphael who beats him more, Cas comes back, Raphael leaves, Cas starts to heal Dean and then he's(Dean) in white room with Chuck behind a desk with an old typewriter. He sends Dean and Cas back to 2003 so they can stop the apocalypse, they have to merge with their past selves.
They go see pastor Jim and put wards up to protect him, then they meet up with John who is his usual charming self. They go Stanford and Dean and Cas are able to exercise Brady who is Sam's roommate.When they go see Bobby they tell him Cas is an angel but not about the time travel, just that they're trying to stop the apocalypse.They also contact Gabriel and tell him the whole story, he agrees to keep and ear out for Azazel.John and Meg are in a confrontation in a warehouse when Dean and Cas show up. Dean is able to get Meg to tell them where Azazel is. John is freaked out, Gabriel shows up to help.At some point John says yes to Michael. Michael takes Dean to the beautiful room to torture. John manages to take control long enough to stab himself.

You'd think with this much information I would be able to find it but nope, hopefully someone knows.
17 February 2017 @ 05:52 pm

Im looking for a fic where Dean comes to see Sam at Stanford & insists that he comes on a roadtrip with him, not hunting, just a roadtrip, so they can spend some time together. They spend a few months on the road trip & near the end of it it comes out that Dean has cancer or something & he's dying. I think he dies in Sammy's arms on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

Anyone know this fic? Ta
16 February 2017 @ 09:51 pm
Sam and Dean were hired by this rich guy to fix some supernatural problem and he offers to let them stay for a bit. He's impressed by Sam because Sam went to Stanford and he says he can pull some strings to get Sam back in. Meanwhile, he looks down on Dean and sees him as dragging Sam down. Rich guy has a wife and little girl. The little girl loves Dean and he is adorable with her. She convinces him to go play in the pool with her and her mom wants Dean to go in the pool as well because she wants to ogle him.
So rich guy and Sam are talking while Dean plays with the little girl. Rich guy suggests he get Sam back into school or something and says they'll find something else for Dean to do to get him out of the way. Sam stands up for his brother and I think he punches rich guy or pushes him into the pool or something? Later, Sam and Dean are talking and it's revealed that Dean was only staying there for Sam cuz he thought Sam might want to use the rich guy to get back into Stanford. He says it doesn't matter if rich guy looks down on him but Sam says it does and they leave. Also, the story is written from Sam's POV.

Thank you!
Hey guys,

It's been awhile, but I remember reading some story where Jensen was either the master/Alpha and Jared was either the slave/Omega. The main thing I recall at all is they went shopping for some clothes for Jared and there was a separate section for his kind. He led Jensen to that area, so I'm thinking Jensen had never had a slave/omega. Anyway, the clothes were scratchy and left little to the imagination and the sales girl had scowled at Jensen when he had asked where that section was. When Jensen got a close look at the less than stellar choices, he brought Jared back out to the normal area and asked the girl to help find clothes from that area. That's really all I remember...

Does anyone know what fic this was? I've gone through all the slave stories I remember and still can't find it. Thanks for the help!

Fic Found! "A Different Alpha" http://archiveofourown.org/works/2353868?view_full_work=true
14 February 2017 @ 05:25 pm
I've been trying to remember the title and author of this one. It would have either been on LiveJournal or Ao3.

It is probably wincest, but I am not completely sure of that. The boys are staying at a place by the sea, I believe, for a case. The "monster" turns out to be a human male who disguises himself as a creature and intentionally scares a young girl badly enough that she falls into the sea. Sam dives in to save her and he ends up smashed into some rocks by the waves and damamging (permanently?) an appendage (I think it was his hand/arm). He has to cling to the rocks and be pulled out.

Any help would be appreciated.
Hi everyone!!
i am looking for a specific story that i read at FF.NET
what i remember from the story are:
1.Sam and Dean where kidnaped by a human and he totrured them
2.The psycho rapes Dean and Sam wakes up just in time to watch it happens
3.John comes to the rescue
4.they go to Missouri to help Dean heal

The story is GEN.
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13 February 2017 @ 10:11 pm
Looking for fanfic based on authentic BDSM - not gratuitous pain or a zillion toys, but the authentic relationship of trust and intimacy and exchange of control between dom and sub. Any recs you have are greatly appreciated.

No a/b/o, please (often confused w/ BDSM). Also no angel sex. Thanks.
13 February 2017 @ 01:52 am
I'm fairly new to the fandom, and I only just started getting into fan-fiction a couple months ago, but everything I read by Kroki-Refur on fanfiction.net was absolutely fabulous. Unfortunately for me, I discovered that she had blocked all her works on LiveJournal to everyone but her friends. I just really wanted to know if anyone had a pdf of any of her stories, specifically Weathercock Snowfall (Starlight Cockrow), but if anyone has any more they could send to me, I would really, really appreciate it. :)
My email is pinkpop002@gmail.com
Thanks so much!!
I'm looking for any Destiel fics where Dean hasn't seen Sam and/or his parents for a long time, years, for whatever reason, and has since met and formed a relationship with Cas and made a life for himself. I would love it if the fic featured some kind of reunion with Sam, etc, where they are surprised at the life Dean has made with Cas, how happy he is, etc.

I am also looking for a specific story, a follow up to the episode 2x11 titled Playthings. It was a fic where the woman who ran the B&B has since opened a new B&B named Rose something after her mother, and a few years later Dean and Cas end up at her B&B. It was a short episode tag, written from her point of view. I think it was on LJ somewhere. Thanks!!
I for one love the episodes when Dean had the Mark Of Cain. Sam was really trying to get rid of it, and Dean was just kinda excepting it. I'm looking for some episodes that base off what Crowley had told Dean about how the mark would make him unwell, and eventually kill him if he doesn't kill in time.
I'd prefer it if Sam is unaware of this effect of the mark, and finds out some reason after Dean collapses, or just gets really sick.
Please no smut, or wincest, or really any kind of relationship besides you know, Sam and Dean's awesome brother bond. Of course I welcome any self recs, and I don't really care how long or short the story is.
I don't mind deathfics, just as long as it's kinda well written, as some deathfics are kinda rushed or something, you know?
(P.S): This doesn't have to be there, but you know what would be cool? If Sam is being kinda mean and selfish about the whole Gadreel deal thing while Dean is getting sicker and sicker. I know, I'm horrible, but you have to admit, it'd be cool to read.
Anyways, thanks to anyone for replying, you don't know how much I appreciate it. :)
12 February 2017 @ 02:18 am
So i am having trouble finding this fic, but it had jensen as an omega and he hated the way alphas would hit on him and stuff then he meets jared at the town he moved to and jared is a beta? they get along and stuff and end up together in the end. Please help i don't remember what it is called
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11 February 2017 @ 08:44 pm
It seems like I've run out of fics to read D: What are y'alls favorite fics?? Whether it be j2,(i love yes)wincest or just gen -- i'd be so happy to have something to read. No destiel or cockles though please; nothing against it, I just can't read it.

Bonus points for long fics
extra bonus points for stories with pdfs.

Thanks a bunches!! x
11 February 2017 @ 08:09 pm
I've love some amnesia fic recs for J2 and/or Wincest. I don't care who has the amnesia. The longer the fic, the better. No Destiel please.
11 February 2017 @ 10:28 am
I'm looking for a specific fic: Sam went to school after a hunt. I think he was sick, or maybe he had just gotten hurt, but he passed out while running a mile, and Dean was called. I'm a bit spotty on the details, but I think he had bruises, and his friends were a bit suspicious about it.

I'm also looking for some general fics:
1. Sam hides an injury
2. School/outsiders believes that Sam is being abused.
3. Dean and John leave for a hunt, and Sam gets hurt, or he was already sick, and his condition worsens
11 February 2017 @ 12:01 am
Hey guys. I need some help find three specific sabriel stories. They would have been located on AO3 or fanfiction.net. If they have been deleted and you have a copy, please send them.

1) Gabe is brought back invisible and undetectable. He communicates with Sam via post-it notes.

2) The sabriel bonding fic. Sam and Gabriel bond, but on the night that they bond Lucifer enters Sam's dreams. Gabriel feeling possessive of his new mate enters Sam's dreams as well in order to protect him. Gabriel ends up killing Lucifer. However, when he wakes up he is scared that the rest of team free will is going to react badly.

3) Gabriel gets in over his head when the council of angels force him to find a chosen bearer. Gabriel says there is only one that he would choose. The council gives him x amount of time to convince Sam to be his chosen. However, one of the other angels (Zachariah, Uriel) interfere by getting to Sam first. So Sam rejects every proposal. Until his deadline has come. The council's deadline comes and Sam has yet to say yes, but shows up in heaven just as the council tries to elect a different leader. Sam is dresses in the ceremonial robes and says yes to being Gabriel's chosen.

4)Also, really any copies of deleted stories or links to stories that are complete and not on AO3 or fanfiction.net. I have a sabriel obsession and people do not post it enough. I prefer longer stories that are sabriel-centric.

Please leave a comment. Thank you.
Hi guys, I am looking for a specific fic I read a while ago and forgot to bookmark. I am not sure whether it was on LJ or AO3, but here's what I remember:
- Dean wakes up in a different universe next to Sam who is his boyfriend/husband. It may have been caused by the djinn from ep. 02x20 or by something else, I am not sure. I searched through the whole tag and didn't find it so someone here hopefully will :)
- Dean was supposed to be some kind of trophy husband I suppose, I don't remember whether he even worked, but at some point he was having a 'girl's night' with some of his female friends from that universe. I have a feeling there was Meg who was married to Cas but I could have confused this with something else.
- Dean didn't want to sleep with Sam because obviously, they were brothers from Dean's POV, so he made up something about erectile dysfunction.
- It was pretty similar to Never Be by rejeneration but this one's not it.
- Pretty sure there was a happy ending.

So... If it rings any bells - I will be immensely grateful!

EDIT: Found in comments
11 February 2017 @ 01:13 am
Hi. Does anyone remember an old series about Michael from Seaon 1 Episode 18 Something Wicked meeting up with Dean when he's older and they hunt together and eventually end up together?
10 February 2017 @ 01:02 am
Yes I love this pairing. Any recommendations would be great. Au is fine too! Abd if anybody has copies of stories that have been deleted of this pairing please let me know :)
09 February 2017 @ 09:36 pm
Hello! I was wondering, because a certain blonde is back, can anyone help me find stories where Mary tries to mother Sam but Dean keeps butting in, saying she's doing this and that wrong and the right way is this way. And maybe even Cas knows how to look after Sam better.
Thank you
09 February 2017 @ 03:32 pm
1. Looking for any fic where Dean knows he always comes back or doesn't really care and constantly just gives himself up (which he does anyway, obviously), but leaning more towards Sam and Cas just getting plain angry or trying to plead with him to stop.

2. Or any fic where the angels/anyone find out how favored Dean is by God, with God actually getting angry when someone kills or hurts Dean.

(There's a Teen Wolf crossover that was massively long on Ao3 where the whole town, I'm pretty sure, finds out about the supernatural, and Dean dies during a fight, not caring because he knows he can't die at all and he comes back minutes later and if anyone knows that one that'd be awesome)
08 February 2017 @ 11:31 am
Good afternoon! I've read plenty of stories about Jared being hung and Sam being hung and maybe 3 stories about Dean/Jensen being the one whose hung. So please rec me any and all stories of Dean or Jensen being the one whose hung. Preferable wincest, or rpf jensen/jared. Also, please no misha/castiel with any pairings. Also, please no underage, dubious or non-consent and no WIP's unless updated regularly.

Thank you in advance!
08 February 2017 @ 04:13 pm
I remember a while back reading a story on ao3 but can't find it again where I think Jared and Jensen were friends but Jensen didn't know Jared was a werewolf. Jared gets possessive and claims Jensen outside a bar.
08 February 2017 @ 06:42 pm
i'm looking for a fic i read a while ago and can't seem to find.
All i remember is that some men put Sam under some sort of curse or spell were he couldn't be touched by men, it would cause him pain. I think they did it cause they thought he was gay, i cant really remember much, but please help
07 February 2017 @ 11:08 pm
Does anyone have a PDF copy of Love Burns by dante_s_hell or know of another link? The original fiction at http://spn-meanttobe.livejournal.com/14647.html is no longer accessible. Thank you.
07 February 2017 @ 01:37 pm
Hi! There's an old sastiel fic I've been unable to refind- if anyone could help that'd be super appreciated. It's a oneshot from lj with Castiel fucking Sam, and getting him to say yes over and over. There's a line about if Cas can make him say yes, then Lucifer the most persuasive angel surely can.
07 February 2017 @ 05:13 am
Okay, so, this is a fic where Dean (and Sam?) were abducted very young. John has been looking for them ever since, while I'm pretty sure Mary is still alive but has given up the search and gone back into hunting. John is in contact with Bobby, doing odd jobs for him. Not hunting, I don't think.

He's running an errand in some city when he somehow runs into Sam or Dean, but loses them. I think. Something to do with him showing people a photo. When he finally finds them again, it's in some kind of abandoned warehouse where they're playing.

When Dean spots him he kicks him and calls him a perv and tries to escape on their bike. I think they split up? One of them gets hit by a car, and John takes him to the hospital.

That's all I can remember. I was pretty sure it was on fanfiction.net but the search is not helping much.
06 February 2017 @ 05:43 pm
I forgot to bookmark it. Sam is at standford and Dean misses him. One of the parts of the fanfic is Dean is at a bar and Sam comes up to him but turns out it's a monster and not Sam
1.) So I read this fic a while ago and it was on LiveJournal somewhere not sure if it's in ao3 or not. It's Stanford era and Deans feeling really alone. John left and Sam stopped calling him, on the hunt he goes on this witch made this sort of Sam clone/thing that was suppose to kill him in a month or so but the 'sam' ended up atttached to him. Months later the real Sam shows up and Dean is mind controlled by the 'sam' to try to kill him but Sam and Bobby end up killing it.

2.) I was looking for some hurt dean (probably Stanford era or Au Idc) where Dean gets sent to the hospital and wake up in a coma months later. But john and sam don't show up and Dean is tragically hurt by that. (Self esteem issues Dean feeling alone) any fic that has something to do with Dean being alone and hurt is good with me.

3.) So I never really see a lot of Dean and Sam fighting and Sam being wrong fics. I was wondering if there's some kind of fic where Sam says something super horrible/hurtful to Dean and ultimately makes him feel like shit (and thinks that sam doesn't care but he does) I just want a boys fighting one where Dean ends up emotionally hurt or right during the argument. I really want Sam to be kinda an asshole in it. ( love sam! But I just don't see many of these)

Thank you all!
07 February 2017 @ 07:48 am
Hello, All!!
I'm looking for any fic where Dean is an angel and Sam is a demon, but they're still brothers that so close to the borderline of incest (though maybe not incest) like in canon. And plus, if there's reason on their species differences (like maybe Sam used to be an angel too but he got involved when Lucifer rebeled). Double plus, if Dean took advantage of the angels' plan about the Cage and Lucifer to free/meet Sam again. Triple plus if the fic can make me moved to tears. I prefer Gen, but if the story's slash I want it wincest or destiel with bottom!Dean only.
Thanks in advance~!
06 February 2017 @ 09:48 am
Hi all,
I was reading from a rec list and lost the page/history when my browser crashed, so I'm trying to find it again.
It was a larger, AU masterlist, i think it was rps specific. It was on lj, and had an image with words something like "this might be a blog" at the top. I think it hadn't been updated in a few years?
Could you recommend some good crossover fics where people find out about angels? I just really like to read about the reactions :) Chaptered fics would be great, but anything is fine. I've already read "The Last Archangel" series.
05 February 2017 @ 10:12 pm
I've recently realized that glassyskies journal has been deleted. I was wondering if anyone had pdfs of her work, specifically the jensen inside verse & the somersault verse. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
I'm looking for a story I read where Michael gives Dean his powers and I think at first Dean is unaware, it's not Shine. I think it's au mid or post season 6 but I'm not sure, I know Lisa and Ben are mentioned. There's a scene at Bobby's with Cas teaching him to move things. There's a croatoan virus outbreak but before the virus gets out of the warehouse or facility Dean and Sam and Bobby are told about by I think Crowley, however when they rescue survivors some of them were infected and they didn't know so it spreads. They set up base at Camp Chitaqua. Angels turn up to help dean because he feels like Michael to them. In a group of rescued people Sarah Blake and her father turn up. A group of people brought to camp are caught by Dean using drugs and he manifests his sword because he doesn't want that around Cas. Also Dean uses his powers to recharge Cas periodically.I think it becomes destiel but I'm not certain. At some point they are investigatinga town and Meg appears and almost kills them but Dean is able to smite her and shield Cas, Sam and the Impala from damage with his wings. I included gabriel and balthazar even though they're not a large part of the story in the tags.

Edited to add found and of course I got the seasons wrong thanks! :)
04 February 2017 @ 11:59 pm
My Google-fu has left me.......
I read this maybe a year ago, but can't remember title or author. And I can't find it through Google or any of my "normal" lists and communities.

Dean stays with John in a motel, and leaves for some reason. He gets trapped by a beautifull woman, but he can see that there is something wrong. She looks like two different peolpe at once..... Dean gets trapped in a room that looks beautifull, but he can feel the cave hidden in the glamour. He gets out after several days, he hasn't eaten anything that he has been offered but has found some rotten stagnant water in the back of the "real" cave. When he gets out he is blind to everything real but can see fae glamour, and (next to) no time has passed. John helps him with the curse afterwards.

The "Fair people", fairies, the Lords and Ladies, are called Fae in this story.

I believe it was on Livejounal. I think it was written in two or three parts, each of several chapters. It is long!

Found! Thank you.
04 February 2017 @ 06:05 pm
AO3 has a project to save works from sites like Samdeanarchive and Sinful-Desire in their entirety. It is called open doors. http://opendoors.transformativeworks.org/faq/
You can nominate any fan site for preservation. You don't need the owner/operators permission but I would for courtesy's sake. They should contact AO3 to save their sites so we can enjoy them forever. Share this site with all your fandoms please and forgive me for using this community but I didn't know where else to post it.
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05 February 2017 @ 02:13 pm
Hello, I am looking for a specific story that I read a while ago and can't find now.
Read more...Collapse ) Jared is a god, he is also a statue who is very hung, who will come back to life if someone can take his whole package. Jensen sees the statue and decides he has to ride it, he manages to take the whole thing.
I'm also looking for any and all Jared is hung like a horse stories out there. I mean so large it doesn't fit, I'm good with him forcing it to fit even at the expence of serious damage to Jensen. If Jensen happens to die from loss of blood or all the internal damage that's OK too, or he lives and Jared rapes him over and over causing more damage that's OK too.
One the flip side any where he is seriously hung but takes his time to not hurt Jensen is good too.Read more...Collapse )
Only bottom Dean/Jensen please and no underage. Pretty much anything else goes.
Thanks in advance
Hi everybody,
I'm looking for any fics where Dean somehow gets to see what Sam's hallucinating, and he really appreciates how brave his little brother is. Like it could be just things hes seeing or lucifer always talking to him and telling him to eat his gun, any sort of stuff like that.
Thanks in Adavace.
03 February 2017 @ 06:38 pm
I'm looking for stories with Sam or Dean being deaged to a child. For any reason they stay that way and the other brother decides to raise him as his own. They could change back, but I would prefer either of them to stay a child. I've read some a while back,but for the life of me I can't find them or anything similar. Please help.
03 February 2017 @ 04:43 pm
Hey everyone

Ok, so I'm looking for a new link to a story that was on Samdean archive. I can't remember the Title or author, and stupidly just added a note on my own list which just reads "Dean blind, John's fault". Not helpful, lol.

In this fic, Dean got kicked in the head by a lesser demon wearing a teenager, during the a showdown with the YED, and John is too obsessed with killing the YED to even notice Dean was in trouble.

I think John had drugged Sam or something to keep him out of the fight.

Dean is now blind and suffers from seizures. John tries to send Dean to some nursing home or something, but Sam steps in. Sam and Dean move to a small town where Pastor Jim helps them set up a home. Jim knows about the boys' sexual relationship.

Dean goes along to a kindergarten class and tells them stories. There's a scene where the boys are ice skating on a pond and John is spying on them and sees them kiss.

Can anyone help, pretty please?

To clarify; I need a link for this fic that's NOT to samdean archive.

The brilliant Calysta has now posted this story - "Love is never blind" on AO3

Thanks, lovelies.