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23 January 2011 @ 05:41 pm

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29 November 2015 @ 09:14 pm
I remember after the season 9 finale there were lots of funny headcanons about Demon!Dean (like him getting stuck in a devil's trap or Sam spraying him with holy water to make him behave).
Are there any longer fics about Demon!Dean? Preferably light-spirited, but I also wouldn't mind angst. And if they aren't set after season 9, that's fine too.
Gen and Wincest are both great, but no noncon between Dean and Sam please! Also no Destiel.
Thanks a lot!
29 November 2015 @ 07:44 pm
First time posting so I hopefully do this right!

I read this fic ages ago, I know it was on AO3 but I can't find it in my history which is a little strange. It had multiple chapters based on Sam's life after he was blinded on a hunt (either by a witch or a werewolf), it had time stamps from when he was younger in school and when he is older hunting with Dean, sure it's set between pre-series, season one and two and it's not Wincest though it contains cute brotherly moments!

In one chapter Dean had been hustling pool and the guys accused him of cheating and he ran out of the bar with Sam but they are cornered outside the bar, cue BAMF!Sam though he is blind he can kick some serious ass! There is another chapter where Dean his kidnapped by Gordon and Sam saves him and there is another one where the boys end up switch like Dean is blind and not Sam and it gives Dean an insight on what Sam goes through on a daily basics.

Hope that's enough info and I hope you magical people find it!
29 November 2015 @ 11:20 am
First time writing here, sorry for any mistakes :$

Am looking for a fic that i just cant find.

It was jared/jensen/?? And somebody else, i keep thinking jeff..

Anyway it was first: jensen and the third person, and then the third person feel in love with jared and and told jensen that jared is going to be their husband.. Jensen felt like the third person didnt love him anymore cus jared got everythi g jensen got promised.

Jensen is btw a famous writer

I remember a scene, it was jensen book sighing and the third person invited jared and jensen was pissed.

Please help me find it. :(
28 November 2015 @ 10:16 pm
I remember about all the info about this fic except the title but Jensen and Jared get together after Jeffery Dean Morgan and Jensen break up after 10 years together because JDM wanted to travel and dumped Jensen. After JDM leaves Jensen meets Jared who is very shy compared to how outgoing and adventurous JDM was. When JDM comes back and tries to win back Jensen, Jared notices and is hurt. Jared made a nice dinner for Jensen and him one night and Jensen came home from eating and Jared ending up throwing it away. I can't remember whether Jensen gets with JDM before getting back together with Jared or not.That's about all I remember:(

Also I have been wanting to find fics where Jensen cheats on Jared. Dean cheating on Sam also works. No Jared/Sam cheating please

28 November 2015 @ 08:14 pm
if i am remembering this right, Castiel and Dean enter a BDSM relationship. Castiel is a lawyer or a Fed, I think... As time goes by Dean notices that Cas is working on a case that may put Alistair and friends in jail. but Cas and family/co-workers are having troubles finding witnesses willing to speak up. eventually Dean admits to knowing Alistair and later willing to testify for the D.A. ... Alistair and company get wind of this and Alistair almost succeeds in making Dean look as if he was taking his own life... I remember clearly that Dean was drugged and in the bath tub and he was crying saying he was sorry. and Alistair comforts him even as he slits Dean's wrist or thigh...

I think i read it on AO3 and it may have been as recent as last year?

any help in finding this fic would be appreciated.
thank you,

FOUND - ORPHEUS by sysrae
28 November 2015 @ 11:05 pm
Does anyone have a copy of "Life's a Beach by jya_bd_cp_ttgb"? The author took down the story but is fine with others sharing it, if they have it, so long as they credit the author and artist. jya_bd_cp_ttgb posted, before the story was taken down, that the story could be copied and shared. Beach!verse
28 November 2015 @ 11:24 am
Hi! I'm looking for a specific deancas fic. It's an office au where one of them is the other's boss (pretty sure Castiel is Dean's boss but not 100%). Cas really likes Dean but doesn't know if Dean likes him back. Then one day Cas needs to see some reports on Dean's computer and asks Dean what his password is so he can type it in. Dean doesn't want to give it, but Cas insists and it turns out Dean's password is Cas's name. Dean is really embarrassed but Cas is happy that Dean likes him back.

I've got some weirdly specific cravings, IDEK!

1) For years now I've been wanting RPF (any combination of Jensen, Jared, Daneel, Gen, the kids, or anybody else!) maybe having a day off, going to the z oo, shopping center, taking the kids for a walk on the boardwalk, something everyday?
Jared with his book and his wine, maybe....?
can be part of a longer fic

2) Fic that includes any or all, or just an environment that might include swamps, humidity, old beat up trucks with a flag bandanna tied to the radio antenna, maybe fishing, you know?
The only ones I remember atm are de_nugis's Gone Fishing, astolat's Leader of the Pack and badbastion's And You Would Be the Fool - each of them glorious

3) Fic with a lot of environment to it, set maybe at a smaller city, like San Francisco?

4) Anyone, everyone going to Disney or other amusements park. I need this.
I know aggybird awesome Apocalypse Maybe

Any or no pairings are great! My favorites are old school Wincest and gen, but really, really not necessary.
27 November 2015 @ 02:09 pm
For the life of me I cannot find this fic that someone had already requested before. It's a J2-AU. Jared is in a fraternity / college athlete that surrounds himself with the typical frat boy crowd. He's deeply in the closet, and has been infatuated with Jensen for a while, although they've never spoken.

After a night of partying, his teammates (including Tom Welling) give him LSD without his consent. He starts tripping his brains out, seeing lights and sparkles that somehow lead him to Jensen. In his altered state of mind, he thinks it's a dream and forces himself on Jensen.

The story goes on to deal with the aftermath of the brutal attack, which Jared doesn't initially remember. Jensen has to be hospitalized for a while, and doesn't remember who got to him -- he also develops PTSD with a fear of this happening again because of his feminine features.

I think it's pretty long, and ends with J2 as a couple. Please your help is seriously appreciated!

ETA: Found! In the comments
27 November 2015 @ 07:33 am
Hi. I'm looking for end of season one AU's where things go down differently with the yellow-eyed demon, and how the consequences affect the brothers' lives, whether in good or bad. If the stories are long, even better.

An example could be 'Mockingbird' by Hyacinth or buffyaddict's 'When Heroes Go Down They Go Down Fast."

I prefer gen, but wincest's okay if it's in the background. It's not because I don't ship wincest, I do. I write S/D myself, but the sex sometimes ends up being the focus.

Thanks in advance to you all. :)
26 November 2015 @ 02:40 pm
I read this fic months ago. It had the moment in Weekend At Bobby's when Sam and Dean traveled on a plane. It dealt with how Sam hid that he didn't sleep by drugging Dean with something. I think it also had Dean with a fork. I think it was on fan fiction net, but I'm not sure.
Thank you.
26 November 2015 @ 11:17 pm
So, another one, in a similar vein to my previous post where there is hurt!sam and protective!dean and that this was ages ago at FF.net.

In this fic, they are younger, and Sam is left in the care of Mary's (I think) brother or sister and his or her family whilst John and Dean go on a hunt. But this family has something darker going on and they want Sam, I think for his powers? blood? -- I'm not quite sure what but they want him for something. Or maybe it was because he was chosen by the demon instead of one of his cousins. Dean and John then realise something's wrong and go back to save Sammy. I don't remember specific details except that Sam tries to escape his hunters and it's a really great story.

25 November 2015 @ 05:20 pm
So. I read this story ages and ages ago at ff.net, probably around the time S1 aired.

Basically, Sam gets a cold that somehow enhances his psychic powers. He sneezes and things explode; lightbulb shattering and engines sputtering, those sorts of things. They try to find a solution and I remember they went to Bobby's for the cure. I also remember a scene where Sam was researching in a library and has a sneezing attack and the computers sort of explode.

I really want to read this one but I just can't find it anymore. And if you have more (classic or newer) whump!sam, sick!sam, hurt!sam, limp wrist!sam with protective!dean, then that would be awesome. Wincest optional but greatly encouraged. I just want to read hurt/comfort a lot. Thank you.
25 November 2015 @ 04:39 am

I'm looking for this one specific homeless teen Dean fic. He meets Castiel behind a dumpster behind the Roadhouse (I think?) when he's looking for a place to sleep after he got kicked out by his dad. In the end they both sleep there. They both work as a prostitute, sometimes together. One day Alistair kidnaps Dean and they don't find him for a few days (weeks?). In the end Dean ends up in the hospital and Sam and John are there as well? -->
I lost all my bookmarks so if anyone could rec some longer (preferably at least 10k but if you think a shorter one is amazing too please add as well :) ) fics with these themes that would be great;
- Dark pre-stanford/stanford era. Dean centric.
- Abused!Dean (all the abuse, by everyone, canon or au)
- Abused!Castiel (again all the abuse)
- Abused Sam, but only by Castiel,Dean or John.
- Any other dark stories with Dark!Sam/Dean/Cas
- Any story where John comes back from the dead after season 5.

24 November 2015 @ 02:26 pm
I read Leanne's More Than Just Amazing last night, and it got me wanting more of the same, so anyone got any recs where J2 are in a secret relationship and their coming out (whether it's on purpose or accidentally) comes as a complete shock to their friends and family? (It's alright if a couple people are in on the secret, but I want a majority of people to be completed blindsided).

Both AU or non-AU are fine, but I strongly prefer bottom!Jensen (warn for bottom!Jared, please!).
Hi! I'm looking for a fic where J2 are together (possibly married?) and Jared is a famous porn star. Jensen is cool with that ... But he's also jealous. I remember that he was really insecure of Jared's co-stars because of how beautiful they all were. And also that Jensen felt ignored because Jared didn't want sex terribly often anymore at home.

Another thing that seems familiar is that Jared only bottoms at home with Jensen and the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding.

Anyone know what this is?


And while I'm here, does anyone have any other fics featuring misunderstandings between the J's? Especially where one feels insecure or not good enough... Angst and schmoop.
23 November 2015 @ 04:07 pm
Hello everyone. I have searched many stories using the tags here with the boys as a Sentinel/Guide or having spirit animals and haven't found much and definitely nothing recent. So...I am looking for stories depicting Dean/Jensen having Sentinel or enhanced abilities with Sam/Jared being his guide or calming influence. Or stories where Dean/Jensen has a spirit animal that guides him and allows him to have similar abilities to that animal (without changing into that animal). Would like Sam/Jared to be his calming influence. Stories do not have to crossover with The Sentinel or involve Ellison and Sandburg at all.

Wincest, slash and gen accepted. Please no Destiel or WIPs.

Thank you in advance for any story suggestions.
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23 November 2015 @ 06:24 pm
Good Evening,

I'm looking for Podfics / audiobooks of GEN Casefic that are at least 30 minutes long.

Thank you.
23 November 2015 @ 02:26 pm
Hi All,
I've searched through every book mark and website I have saved for a particular fic and can't find it anywhere.
What I remember is this:
Alternate reality- Jared is sent to prison for something minor, Jensen is his slave. Jareds name is imprinted onto Jensen.
When they are released it turn out that Jensen is the leader of a rebellion or working for one at least.
Eventually they fall in love and Jared has Jensens name imprinted, I think on the palm of his hand?

At one point I think Jared makes Jensen wear a pink shirt?
And even after he has left Jared Jensen keeps coming back and they sit in the garden getting to know each other.

Its a LONG story.

Any suggestions?
23 November 2015 @ 01:37 pm
So one of my favourite fics have been deleted, apparently, so now I'm hoping anyone has a copy of it? It's called Wings of Despair and was on both AO3 and ff.net. I don't remember the author's name though.

It's about Sam being bitten by a werewolf, and it can only be reversed by an angel or smth like that. Since Cas' grace is fading, he gives some of his grace to Dean, which unexpectantly turns him into an angel. Most of the fic is spent with Sam passed out and Dean leaning how to use his angel swag.

If anyone has a copy of this you'll have my eternal thanks!
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22 November 2015 @ 08:31 pm
FOUND!! In comments

Boys kill family of monster things, go back to hotel and find an infant monster thing is hiding in tire place. Sam gets attached. Bobby sends them north to a lady who has a farm of weird things.
Hi! I'm looking for a specific fic, and the only thing I really remember about it is that Dean and Castiel are together and Dean is taking notes for some reason (I think they might be questioning a witness for a case?). Only, instead of writing what he should be writing, Dean starts making notes about Cas's clothes instead - like, he writes down all of the things he would have to take off of Cas if he wanted to get him naked (trench coat, tie, etc). After they're done questioning the witness, Castiel sees what Dean wrote and they get together. I read this a couple of years ago, so I don't think it's recent. Also, I'm pretty sure it's a one-shot.

22 November 2015 @ 08:46 pm
I read this author's fics awhile ago on archiveofourown, but I can't remember the name of the author. I've tried the tags in ao3, the computer's history I was using at the time, google, and I still can't find it

I know the author wrote a Destiel fic about how Dean and Castiel are figure skaters. When Lisa, Dean's skater partner, gets pregnant, she can't compete in the Olympics with Dean. Castiel, who has trouble keeping skating partners, joins up with Dean. Castiel and his mom who is his agent ( I think) are wealthy while Dean who takes care of teenageSam isn't well off. Castiel is aloof. I remember that he and Dean had an argument about what time they should practice. Cas wanted it to be too early and Dean a little later than Cas.

Dean eventually manages to get Cas out of his shell by getting out more often. I remember that on one ocassion Cas got on top of one of those fake bulls and got a bruise or something. In the fic Figure skaters have this unwritten rule between them about not having romantic relationships between skating partners because it could lead to trouble.

The author also wrote a Dean/Benny fic in which Benny is a baker.

I think the writer allowed only users of ao3 to see her/his fics, but I'm not sure.
Thank you!
22 November 2015 @ 11:33 am
The Sinful Desire Archive is evaluating the process of moving the site to AO3. To do this they need two things:
(a) 1-2 members to help coordinate the migration and
(b) volunteers to help migrate the stories through a semi-automated process.

Please email mdawn6 @ yahoo.com if you are interested.

The migration process will take some time depending on how many volunteers they are able to get. Once the migration begins, the site will be frozen and no new stories will be added. Currently Sinful Desire has been renewed through March 2016. If the site goes offline before the migration is complete, they will still be able to compelte the migration if there is enough interest and volunteers.

If no one volunteers to coordinate the migration, then the site will not be migrated. Archive migration is driven by community interest.
This fic is older and from what I remember Sam was hurt badly in a hunt and his leg is permanently damaged to where he has a limp. Dean has a special stool for him to sit in when he comes to the bar. While Sam's at the bar one night Becky comes in and starts rubbing Sam's leg, but is really hurting him and Dean gets all protective.
I'm looking for a fic that I'm pretty sure was part of a comment meme somewhere. Non-AU, Jensen/Jared are together (or Jared's pining) and he overhears Jensen and Misha (or maybe it's Ty) going over a scene, but he doesn't know it's a scene (because it's for a movie/show that isn't SPN) and thinks that Jensen is cheating on him. I remember there is a confrontation, and Jared finally learns the truth, that it was all a big misunderstanding. It has a happy ending.
Hey so I've been looking for this fic and I can't find it. In it Dean got hurt and then he ended up in the hospital and he gets out fine but he doesn't know how his dad got the money and anyways i think he talks to Bobby or something and finds out Sam became this professional soccer player over in Brazil or something and yeah. I can't find it. Dean goes over to Brazil to see Sam I think. Oh and it's a wincest fic
21 November 2015 @ 10:20 pm
I'm looking for two fics.

Edit: It's below in the comments.
The first one I read awhile ago, but I can't find it now. In the fic the Winchester tradition of making deals with demons is continued with preseries Sam. John, Dean, and Sam were staying somewhere really cold in winter and Dean had an accident ( maybe he fell on freezing water? Can't remember.) and was hospitalized. Doctors said that Dean was going to die. A demon offered Sam that he/she would save Dean if Sam just did a little thing for it.Sam was desperate and made the deal. The demon saved Dean and made the Winchesters forget the whole thing. Now in season four, Ruby reveals to Sam, while taking him to free Lucifer, that if Sam doesn't say yes to the Devil, Dean will die. (and maybe go back to hell? Not sure.) I think it was gen.
The fic was in archiveofourown.

Second request.
I found a rec from http://ao3feed-j2.tumblr.com/post/85933549480/the-eye-of-the-beholder, but the fic was deleted. It's name was The Eye of the Beholder by nanoks. I haven't been able to read so if anyone knows somewhere it might be, please tell me.

Synopsis: an SPN RPF re-telling of the classic Twilight Zone episode, “The eye of the beholder.” Jensen Ackles, a young man, lays in a hospital bed, his face wrapped in bandages, awaiting the outcome of a surgical procedure performed by the State in a last-ditch attempt to make him look “normal”. Will it be a success or a failure? Will he be able to stay in the city, or will he be exiled to the ‘village’ to live with Jared Padalecki, a man who is, by the beauty of the world’s standers, hideous and ugly?

Words: 9110, Chapters: 4/4, Language: English

Fandoms: Supernatural RPF
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Categories: M/M
Characters: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Misha Collins
Relationships: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Fantasy, Future Fic, Mutant Society, Discrimination, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Friendship, Friendship/Love, Sexual Content, True Love

Thank you!
21 November 2015 @ 04:51 pm
Well, there's this abandoned fic(last updated 2009 so yeah) (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4559734/14/The-Falling)
Basically, any stories out there where Dean deals with the darksides of his soul? Maybe with Michael or Lucifer as a catalyst of sorts, or were actually parts of his souls. Demon Dean is also awesome too.

Not really interested in sex, but hey, if it fullfills the conditions above, then whatever. 
20 November 2015 @ 11:56 pm
I've really like the sub Jared stories I've read but until recently I hadn't really read any sub Jensen stories except for dollylux,s Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal currently I'm reading dishonestdream's The Black Cartel Series.  The only problem I have with The Black Cartel is the fact that it's more abusive than true BDSM. Hey I read the warnings and it's not like I don't enjoy the series and continue to read it but I like the kind of BDSM with some nice aftercare and tender moments.  Yeah, it sounds kinda cheesy but when I was partaking in the life myself I always liked that part best, when your sub is good, reward them, when they are bad punish them but then give them tender aftercare, it's important.  So yeah, looking for some BDSM with Jensen as the sub and Jared as the Dom that itcludes rewards, punishment and aftercare  Neither of them dying and . . . bloodplay kinda squicks me a bit but at this point, I'll take anything! Thanks in advance!
20 November 2015 @ 04:36 pm
I have two requests.

Found! It's below in the comments.
I read this fic awhile ago. It had Jensen whose family was in charge of a kingdom, but another kingdom took over. The family, except for Jensen and his sister, was killed. Jensen and his sister were sold as slaves to Jared who was someone important in his kingdom (don't remember if he was a general, king, or something like that.) The reason Jensen and his sister were left alive was because they were attractive. Jensen became Jared's sex slave with Jared promising that nothing bad would happen to Jensen's sister as long as Jensen behaved. I remember one part that had Jensen contemplating that Jared was totally in charge of him. That if Jared wanted Jensen starving, Jensen would starve. Things like that. The fic was in archiveofourown and was multichapter. In the end Jared was still in charge or Jensen. I'm not sure if Chad and Jensen's sister got together in the fic.

This one is general. I'm looking for J2 slavery fics or Wincest slavery fics.
20 November 2015 @ 05:33 pm

I looking for a fic, possible from a SPN Hardcore meme, but I cannot find it.

It deals with Jensen being alpha of a pack. One night the elders bring him a young boy, Jared because they believe him to be the alpha's mate. Jensen confirms their theory, he watches over Jared as he grows and once he is in his late teens, Jared moves in Jensen's cave.

Both are waiting for Jared's heat to kick in before they do anything. I think once Jared's heat, Jensen quickly wolfs out and once Jensen regains control of himself he is ashamed for alpha-ing out but Jared isn't.

20 November 2015 @ 01:28 am
Hi, I'm looking for a fic that was set in a truck stop. I think Sam and Dean just happened to stop there. There were a few OCs in the story including a waitress. I remember they looked through the "store" part of the stop for anything of use against the baddie. They also spent time in the diner side. For some reason they couldn't leave. I think at some point either Sam or Dean was taken (Maybe put in cooler?). Pretty sure it was multi chapter.
18 November 2015 @ 11:31 pm
Okay, so for some reason I've been really interested in seeing fics with Cas being emotionally beaten down and defeated, and then comforted by someone else. The cause of his sadness can be his failure to find God, feeling lost after becoming human, being rejected by/having relationship troubles with Dean, you name it. The person doing the comforting is preferably Dean, but Sam, Bobby, and Gabriel work too.

I don't care for AUs, although canon diversions are perfectly fine. Bonus points for anything with Castiel crying (not throughout the whole story like a crybaby, though) and especially for Destiel, either established or at the end. I'll read Sam/Cas too, and Gen is always good.

I rarely read any fics above 10,000 words, and I don't care for fics over 20,000 words, so please do not suggest those. Fics 5,000 words or less would be ideal.

Other than that, please post anything you have with some sad angels and some comfort, and a thousand thanks in advance! :D

1-Specific fic:
I've been looking for a fic I read a while ago (I'm pretty sure it was on fanfiction.net).
Here is what I remember:
Sam was staying at a motel and almost got raped (By the manager I think?). In the present time all three Winchesters are driving and John and Dean speaks: Dean confides in John that the guy that tried to attack Sammy came onto Dean a few days prior to Sam's attack. But Dean didn't really mind, as long as he left Sam alone.
I also remember a scene where Dean is seeing weird "rashes" on Sam's body and freaks out when he realizes that the rashes are hickeys.
I think Sam is a teenager in this (14-15 years old?). And it's gen.
I'am also pretty sure that John kidnaps the guy and hurts or kills him.
I really, really, really, would like to read it again (I don't remember how it ends), so if anyone can help me, please, I'd appreciate it.

2-General Search:
If anyone can recommend me stories like that, I'm all for it. Self-rec are welcomed. I would prefer gen, but if the story is really good Wincest can also be fine.

3-Staying in the subject of non-con: I'm also looking for any story where Sam was sexually abused in the past and Dean finds out years later. (Gen prefered but Wincest is fine again)

Thank you all in advance. 
18 November 2015 @ 08:58 am

I'm looking for two different fics.

1. This is a Destiel fic. It is probably pre - series or early on au. Dean is hunting by himself and finds Castiel chained in a basement of a shack in a swamp. Dean breaks the chain and tries to help because he thinks Cas is a victim of a witch. The shackle needs to be broken off because it can't be picked. Cas is actually a witch who kills mean or bad people by causing 'accidents' or suicide. Cas is keeping Bobby, Sam, and John from finding Dean. FOUND! LINK IN COMMENTS!

2. This is gen, I think but don't quote me. Sam gets Dean out of his deal by using lawyer logic. Dean dies a few months before the deadline and the demon takes Dean's soul from limbo to hell as quick as possible. By taking Dean's soul before the deadline, the demon actually breaks the contract. The soul was supposed to stay in limbo until his time was up.

Any help would be appreciated.
So I'm a huge sucker for needy!omega/submissive!Dean, so I'd love if you could recommend me some wincest fics revolving around that. Bonus points if it somehow incorporates Dean being no one's bitch, except Sammy's and takes pride in submitting to him :3 (it's not a must though). Please and thank you!
19 November 2015 @ 12:37 am
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to find a Wincest fic where a shapeshifter takes Sam's form to trick Dean into revealing his feelings. All I remember is that the shapeshifter tricks Dean into kissing him (as Sam) then acts disgusted. I think there is something about driving slowly past the police so they don't look suspicious.

Thank you!
17 November 2015 @ 10:48 pm

I know I've read a lot of these but would like them all in one place. I'm looking for stories that have Jared working with animals as a vet/vet tech/volunteering in an animal shelter. I'm looking for either general stories or slash paired with Jensen. I prefer if slash to have bottom!Jared. Thanks for any help.

So today I find myself hankering for...

1. Soulmate fics, specifically ones where soulmates have matching soulmarks or are colorblind until meeting their match, etc. Only wincest or J2, with bottom!Dean or bottom!Jensen, please.

2. pining!selfsacrificing!Jensen. Fics where he pines for Jared (who's oblivious and believes himself to be straight) and, since he's given up hope of the two of them ever happening, makes it his mission in life to make sure Jared's happy (being supportive, helping him with his relationship problems, offering him a shoulder to cry on, etc). Only bottom!Jensen, please, and I'd love happy endings (but angsty ones are alright as well, if you warn for them!).
16 November 2015 @ 08:59 pm
Hello everyone!
I really need help to find this fic where Gabriel asks Cas to act as Doctor Frank-N-Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Charlie goes as Magenta and I think Lucifer is Rocky.
It's kind of a high school.
Oh yeah and when the play is over Dean kisses CAs but he gets mad because and misunderstanding.
I really can't remember the name of the fic :( and I can't find it either.
Thank you very much, guys
16 November 2015 @ 08:33 pm
Hey im looking for fic with sam and dean together with jared and jensen? Or Sam and jensen or jared and Dean.thanks

I'm looking for an extremely long fic in which Dean, working as a barista or something similar, is attracted to Castiel who is often in the coffee shop reading. Dean thinks he's a teacher, but one day when Cas leaves his book behind Dean heads to the college to return it (with his telephone number inside) and discovers he's actually a student.

He then refuses to do anything about the attraction due to the age difference but still befriends Cas, who ends up moving in with him & Sam, & taking over their living room as they don't have a spare bedroom which doesn't impress Lisa, who Dean has started dating. Eventually Dean & Lisa break up but Dean is a bit wary of relationships so he doesn't ask Cas out.

However there is a movie night, which ends up being a porn night, which ends in Dean offering to 'help out' Cas (who I think fell somewhere on the asexual spectrum) & they end up in a friends with benefits arrangement for quite some time as they explore Cas's sexuality.

Eventally, of course, there is an admittance of feelings and they officially get together. There was also a sequel written from Cas's pov which may have been a wip.

I'm all googled out trying to look for this, can anyone help me out?
Hi, i was hoping someone could help me find this specific nonAU J2 fic set maybe season 1 or 2. Jared really doesnt like Jensen, But everyone else thinks Jensen is the greatest, most coolest guy in the whole world. Hes talented, laid back, funny, gorgeous and he gets on with everyone and remembers everyones name. And jared hates how hes just so fucking perfect all the time. Jensen is aware that jared feels this way and kind of plays up to it? Like winding him up and smirking and making innuendos at jared in front of people. And jared just acts like a total dick to him and no one can understand why jared is always being so grumpy and rude towards jensen because the guy is just so fucking nice.
I think at one point theres this casual game of football on set amongst cast and crew between scenes and jared deliberately tackles jensen really hard, then jensen does the same to him in payback, i think they both hurt themselves quite badly. And i think theres a few scenes in a bar where they all get pretty drunk? I know thats really vague.
Then obviously at some point they have sex. I think its topJared but i could be wrong. I remember it being kind of rough and competitive though.
Holefully its ringing a bell with someone :)
15 November 2015 @ 06:19 pm
Hey, looking for a story I read years ago on fanfiction where Dean is abducted by aliens. (NOT SEASON 6)
I'm pretty sure it was set in either season 1 or 2 and the brothers are working a case about people getting abducted. I remember a certain amount are abducted by aliens and I think its the last one who they return.
The brothers go to the place where the last abduction took place, even though I don't think they believe its aliens. When the spaceship turns up Sam tells Dean its here and Dean's like 'really? I hadn't noticed'. Dean gets abducted and Sam goes back to see someone who had previously been taken & they tell Sam that Dean will return on a certain day in the place where he was taken and when Sam goes back to that place he finds Dean who is traumatised. I'm sure the aliens have tentacles or something and abuse Dean, and they continue to traumatise him even when he's asleep and safe with Sam.
I'm also sure John turns up at some point and tries to help his son.

Hopefully someone recognizes it, would love to read it again.
I'm hoping to find this specific fic that I read around 5 months ago, but seems to have disappeared! The story started with Dean being kidnapped and assaulted by a tentacle monster, whose name he later learns is "Tina", if I remember correctly. Due to the fact that the monster actually has good intentions, he falls in love with her. Thank you so much for your time!
15 November 2015 @ 10:23 am
I've searched high and low for this one. I think it was set during filming of the episode Time Is on My Side. From what I can remember, Jared is strapped down for the scene and panics because he has been left there too long and I think a new (temp) director ignores him. I think eventually Jensen comes to his rescue? Many thanks.