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23 January 2011 @ 05:41 pm

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27 August 2016 @ 01:30 pm
After rewatching Season 11 and Season 6, I've suddenly been craving Soulless Dean stories but I've basically come up to a blank. Any rating is fine, all ships (though I'd prefer Wincest) and any characters, there isn't really anything specific to it apart from Soulless Dean.
26 August 2016 @ 11:34 pm
I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago, what I remember is it's an au of the apocalypse. Team free will along with Gabriel decide the only chance they have to beat Lucifer is for Dean to let Cas use his body as a vessel, but when they're fighting Lucifer he rips Cas out of Dean but is killed by Gabriel inside of Sam. Afterwards Dean is super depressed and almost comatose for awhile, but manages to start pulling himself together. At one point Dean stumbles across Cas's empty vessel and breaks down. Cas comes back to life at the end. The pairings were destiel and possibly sabriel. I'm pretty sure I read it on ao3 and it's been driving me nuts hopefully someone can help.
27 August 2016 @ 12:59 am
Hello everyone!

I read an amazing fic by Anniespinkhouse where Jared was a dragon stealing ornaments from Jensen to build his horde. Now I'm super interested to know if there are any fics around where Jared/Sam is a dragon/weredragon/something of the sort? If so, I want ALL OF THEM. If I were a dragon, my horde would be Dragon!Sam fics.

Also, if possible, wincest/j2 with bottom!Sam/bottom!Jared. But I'm also 100% fine with gen fics/fics without penetration. Just not bottom!Jensen/Dean, please.

If there aren't very many of these fics and you know of similar fics where Jared/Sam is some kind of mystical creature (fairy? mermaid? elf?), then I appreciate those, too (with the same bottoming preference/gen). I've just got a thing for dragons :)

Thank you all so much in advance <3
I remember reading a fic where Jensen is dog sitting a dog for a ex/girlfriend(?) and has to take it to the vet for some reason. However the dog was called something like Rainbow Sparkle and nobody at the vet's office wanted to deal with him as they thought he was a brony? I seem to remember it was hilarious but I can't for the life of my remember the name! And also searching for anything related to bronies comes up with some odd results... Thanks!
26 August 2016 @ 01:39 pm
I don't have many details other than Gabriel took Sam as a child from John and Dean. Maybe to spare him the pain in his life?? He took him, erased his memory (maybe Dean and John's too) and raised him as his own. When he saw Sam's love of books he decided to name him 'Book'. Through some series of events Sam and Dean end up together. Sam may know who Dean is but I'm pretty sure Dean does not know Sam. The fic wasn't complete at the time I read it. I am hoping now maybe it is.

26 August 2016 @ 05:41 pm
Hi y'all, I'm looking for some nice and long (the longer, the better) stories. No wincest, no slash, just general entries. I don't care about rating, as long as it refers to stuff like harsh language, I also wouldn't mind some torture or more graphic descriptions of injuries etc.

About the plot, Dean doesn't need to be in the hospital in particular, it can be any other place (but I would prefer if it wasn't motel room, so more like Bobby's or the Bunker). He has to be incapable of taking care of himself (nice h/c please, preferably with Sammy as the 'protector'). I don't really care about what the reason is and if that's permanent or not, but I'd rather read stories with purely physical injuries, for example many broken bones after a hunt gone wrong or some other accident. Oh, and please no blind/deaf stories, I've read quite a few of them already.

Big thanks for any help :)
I'm really getting into a lot of ABO fics, but some are a lot of early Season J2 or Dean and Sam

I was hoping maybe there were any later season ABO like Jared in Season 7ish to Season 9ish as an OMEGA and of Jensen as his Alpha or becomes his Alpha

SO Any favorite ABO where Jared/Sam is an OMEGA and Jensen/Dean is an Alpha, either establish relationship or first time (finally getting together after working together for so many years?)

keeping my fingers crossed
Anyone remember the title/writer of a fic based on (or paying homage to) Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes - ? Evil carnival comes to town at Halloween, investigated by two young boys (pretty sure it was Sam and Dean, although not sure whether it was Gen or S/D).

That is literally all I can remember about it. But I have faith in this community's collective omniscience! Please - and thank you!

P.S. I know it was not Sylvanwitch's excellent All the Dreaded Cards Foretell.
25 August 2016 @ 09:31 pm
So, I read this awesome fic - namely, Sam Lucifer Winchester by kirallie (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6233300/1/Sam-Lucifer-Winchester) - and now the idea behind the fic is stuck in my head. Are there any other fics out there that revolve around the idea that Sam is not just Lucifer's vessel, but Lucifer incarnated/manifested/born/whatever as a human that eventually gets his powers and memory back? It seems like no matter how I phrase this in trying to search with other methods, I always get fics where Sam is Lucifer's vessel, nothing more.

If they exist, I would love to read them. If there are ships involved, I'm not all that picky. Dean is a okay paired with anybody, although my all time favorite is wincest.

Thank you in advance. :)
25 August 2016 @ 03:30 pm
I just read Road Side Assistance by obsidianromance and absolutely loved it! It had me gripped tight until the end even though I knew what the outcome was going to be.

So, having read that and really liking the premise, it has made me want more stories along the same lines (or close to). Basically I am looking for stories with mpreg Jensen/Dean who is hurt and having to deliver his babies. Maybe he's shot while protecting Jared/Sam or maybe an ex lover comes to take Jensen back and hurts him and sends him into premature labor. Or a demon attacks Dean. I'll take any story where Jensen/Dean is hurt while pregnant. (I can't believe I am actually asking for these stories...always thought mpreg would squick me out but have found some to be quite emotional and well done if you can suspend your belief and you know...accept male pregnancy!).

Please no non-con.

Thank you in advance for any recommendations you can offer. Please only J2/Wincest, no WIP's and self recs are always welcomed!
25 August 2016 @ 08:19 pm
Hi friends,

I never ever thought I would be asking for this...but well here I am :P

I recently read "Do I seem bulletproof to you?" by fleshflutter. It was amazing...

This story has a sizzling hot scene where Jared watches Jensen having sex with someone else...and it's consensual. It's seriously hot and made me want to know if there are other such fics.

I don't want non-con or non-con voyeurism ....threesome...exhibitionism...or public sex.

Can you rec me some fics which have such awesome consensual voyeurism? Someone is watching the boys with their consent?
I've gone through spnkinkmeme and ao3...but didn't find a lot.

Thanx a million in advance

Help me please?
During my switch to a new computer, I lost majority of my bookmarks. I looking for a specific wincest fic, where Sam is giving CPR to Dean and if I am recalling correctly the Bee Gee's song "Staying Alive" was playing the background. I believe it also had art with fic if that helps. I also think it may have been set in Season 3 but I am not 100% certain. Thank you so much!
24 August 2016 @ 12:56 pm
I am looking for a specific story that's plot revolved around Dean and Castiel's children (1 girl and 2 boys??) , who are unaware of the supernatural, coming home from school to find Dean and Castiel missing and the house looked like there had been a struggle. I believe Sam and maybe Bobby show up to help them and eventually in the end Dean and Castiel are find and reunite with their kids. Any help finding this fic would be great!
23 August 2016 @ 07:56 pm
Here's what I remember:

Jensen is a senior? and for some reason, freshman Jared is assigned to the same dorm suite. I'm pretty sure Misha and Mike Rosenbaum live there too.

Basically, Jensen is an asshole to Jared until they both get so pissed at each other that they hook up.

Danneel, Jensen, and Jared all work at the same coffee shop/bookstore.

It's not the one with the muffin art titled "It isn't easy (but it's worth it.)

Pretty sure that at one Jared tries to hit on Misha and gets shot down.

At the end of the fic, the Js declare their feelings in a screaming match (possibly during a rainstorm?) and Mike keeps count of how many times a variation of the word "fuck" is used.

Thanks anybody who can help!

*I suck at tags, I'm sorry. I tried to do them better this time.*
23 August 2016 @ 11:21 am
Yeah forgot to bookmark it. He has a condition or surgery-forgot where he needs to take medications, a shitload and he starts to put on a lot of weight?
22 August 2016 @ 11:13 am
Hi. I'm looking for a specific fic. I only remember that Dean was Sam's dog of war, and maybe they were bonded? I tried the l j search but it didn't work. I'm pretty sure it's been looked for before. Any help would be appreciated.

Found by slvrbld747:

Defend Us In Battle

22 August 2016 @ 10:50 am
(At least im pretty sure it's Destiel...)

From what i remember, Castiel is a detective and becomes convinced that Dean is a killer after a string of his exs die. He starts to follow Dean around and forces him to go see a doctor, Charlie i think, but the entire thing is triggering for Dean while Cas thinks hes being dramatic. I think they end up being mates in the fic and there's confusion about who is the biological father of Cas' niece, Claire.

Someone kidnaps them both towards the end, i think and im pretty sure John rescues them. ...or something. Sorry, it's all jumbled but im pretty surebi read it on AO3.
22 August 2016 @ 09:42 am
So, a LONG time ago, I read a wincest fic. It was very, very popular; to the point I consider it a classic wincest fic. Dean is tired of everyone thinking he and Sam are gay together, so he starts going super "no-homo." Sam notices, asks why his name suddenly became "my brother, Sam." He asks why they get separate motel rooms. Dean lies and says Sam talks in his sleep. Sam freaks out and starts assuring Dean he knows it's messed up, but he's not going to like, molest him in his sleep. Deans like, "wtf? I was kidding." Sam freaks out and locks himself in his motel room. Dean does some thinking and ends up realizing he's into it. So he picks the lock and goes and talks to Sam about how now "might be a good time for a gay incestuous relationship." They end up having sex. Later at a diner, Dean suddenly decides it was Sam's attraction to him that made everyone think they were gay.
21 August 2016 @ 10:47 pm
Hi, guys, I've recently came across one specific wincest fic on AO3, here are the bits of info that i remember: it was something about boys being off job\war\their ususal thing and settlling down (maybe in the bunker?) and than discovering (or somebody showed it to them) new carver edlunds\chuck shurley gospel stuff, and they way that fans are seeing them helps them to see each other in a new way too. That's were exactly the words from the summary, if i am correct. I think it was happening in a couple of last seasons or so. Can't get that damn thing out of my head.


UPD: FOUND IT! if somebody is interested here it is:
22 August 2016 @ 12:55 am
Hey guys,

Pretty much what the title says. I'm looking for any fics where the boys are in a relationship and for whatever reason think that the other is cheating on them. I'm preferably looking for fics where it's all just a big misunderstanding and they kiss and make up in the end, but if there are fics where there's actual cheating (and you want to break my heart), I'm down for that too!

Thanks in advance!
21 August 2016 @ 10:38 pm
for a story I read not too long ago but now I've forgotten the author. It may have been called "Strange Days" and had "There's a UFO over New York and I ain't too surprised" as its summary. It was a J2 and had strikingly imaginative vision of an alien visitation. Jared was the alien. If you wonderful people could help me out, I'd be much obliged.

First time posting, so please let me know if I've done anything wrong.
Hi! I'm looking for 2 separate specific fics, both involving Sam & Dean, probably Gen although maybe Sam/Dean.

1) A casefic set in Season 2 or 3, I believe, when Sam's psychic powers were still active. Sam has some sort of vision or premonition about a woman who's in danger (in a vision, he sees her involuntarily commit suicide due to some supernatural influence) in a town somewhere in the Midwest or East Coast (I think). I don't remember why, but Sam hesitates to tell Dean this. Instead, he convinces Dean to come with him to this town on a thin lead regarding a water monster in a lake or river nearby. Dean doesn't believe him from the jump and knows Sam's hiding something, but trusts Sam enough to play along, although he's not happy about it. Sam finds the woman (who I think is a divorce attorney or something), through the help of a local diner waitress, and visits her on his own while he sends Dean off to do more research on the fictional water monster. Turns out, the water monster is real and the boys eventually take it out. Sam then sneaks off on his own again to help the woman; he stays at her place overnight and somehow prevents the supernatural influence from causing the woman to commit suicide. Dean keeps calling Sam's phone as he doesn't know where Sam is, but Sam again being sneaky doesn't call back until he saves the woman. At the end of the fic, in a token of gratitude, the woman invites Sam and Dean to have dinner at her house. This fic is probably moderate length (at least a few thousand words) and had, I think, 3-4 sections/chapters, and I think I read it on LJ or Dreamwidth.

2) Fic set in a post-apocalyptic world where human civilization is rebuilding itself, and the Winchester boys have become myth/legend for saving the world. He and Sam have become separated and Dean lost in memories somehow. It's written from Dean's POV but his name isn't mentioned because he doesn't remember who he is, and we only know based on description of his physical appearance and other hints. At the end, Sam comes and finds him, and Dean remembers who he is. This fic is shorter (maybe 1-2 sections/chapters on LJ or Dreamwidth).

I've gone through all my bookmarks, sifted through my history for the last several months trying to find these stories but somehow I can't find them. Any help would be appreciated; these fics were beautifully written and I'd love to read them again. Thanks so much!!
20 August 2016 @ 05:36 pm
I remember reading this fic when I first joined the fandom.  Sam and Dean had been seperated as kids.  I think Sam was kidnapped when he was a kid during a fire at a motel.  They meet on a plane on the way to the olympics.
Dean picked up a book from some old friend of Bobby's
Sam ended up confronting his adoptive mother
I think the title had the word gold in it.  It may have only been available in pdf.
Any help you guys could give me would be much appreciated. 
What I'm looking for:

*A fic over 15,000 words (if it's a bit under, that's fine). No maximum word count, bring on the epics if that's what you want to rec.

*An ultimately happy ending. No bittersweet or could be happy in the future if you squint, but actual happy ending for everybody. (Now, I don't mind angst or violence, just please no major character death).

*Destiel please =D (Destiel does not have to be a main pairing, but if Dean is involved in the fic at all, please be Destiel.) The only pairs I'd rather not see is Sastiel or Wincest (Wincestiel is not only fine, but loved) (Samifer and Sabriel are also well loved) honestly though, I'm mainly looking for slash, so feel free to rec something with a pairing that's not on this list.

Thanks in advance for any recs =D
18 August 2016 @ 10:13 pm
Hey y'all

I was hoping you could rec me some fics either where the J's don't like each other right off, make a bad first impression on the other, or other misunderstanding ensue on the way to love.

Prefer Bottom!Jensen but make note of recs that are not, please.

18 August 2016 @ 09:18 pm
A friend of mine is looking for a J2 fic where they're in high school and start dating. It turns out Jared's family is really negligent and don't care about him, so Jared starts spending a lot more time with Jensen's family. There's one scene where they play basketball and Jared gets hurt and his parents can't be bothered to come check on him, so Jensen's mom takes care of him.

I hope this rings bells with someone, my friend really wants to reread this. Thanks!

ETA: Found! http://myficjournal.livejournal.com/11461.html
17 August 2016 @ 11:45 pm
Hello all!
I love a good 'n' angsty prison AU, and have consequently been running out lately. I've been through most of the popular ones on AO3, but haven't had the chance to explore other places. I was hoping I could get some good recommendations here!
I don't care if it's gen or slash, but no Wincest please. Also, Dean-centric is preferred. Bonus if Alistair is a character!
Thanks a lot!
17 August 2016 @ 08:16 pm
I looking for any fics that have Sam and Dean really close. An example of what I'm looking for is Such a Fool by DownInTheGutter, but any fic that has them really close with a suspicious John makes me happy. I don't really mind if it's slash, but I would prefer that they're just close.

Thanks in advance.
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17 August 2016 @ 10:34 pm
Hey guys! I read a fic a while back and I can't seem to find it. I can't remember the title or author, but I know I read it on AO3.
It was a J2 and they were both college students. Jared worked a part-time in a coffe shop, where I think he met Jensen.
Sometimes Jared missed work because he had a disease (can't remember the name) that made him feel really sick for a couple of days, once in a while - it was a disease that didn't have gave him any dignity, like he said.
He hid his disease from Jensen, and near the end he told him he had it showing a documentary on tv about it.

That's all I remember. The author wrote it to raise awareness for this disease, beacuse many people don't know about it.

I really loved it, so I hope someone can find it :)

(Edit) Found! Link in the comments.
HI All,
This fic was deleted i had it save on an old laptop, but as files were transfered I lost some of my saved fics.
This one was one of my top five fvorite SPN ABO fics

Kin and Kind by bethskink.

http://Kin and Kind by bethskink.

Does anyone have a copy and not mind Sharing it with me? Please? Pretty Please?

Thank you
17 August 2016 @ 05:36 pm
I am searching for a specific Dean/Cas AU story I read last year on AO3. It isn't tagged so I am unable to find it through the search filters there; hopefully one of you has it bookmarked!

I remember in it Castiel was a newly appointed teacher who was just dumped by his boyfriend Balthazar with no explanation. Castiel has very low self-esteem as a result of extreme bullying through high-school where one of his worst tormentos was Dean.

Dean is a newly-divorced dad dealing with his ex Lisa and son Ben moving on without him to a new family. He too, was blindsided by the dissolution of his relationship. He has a low self-esteem as a result of his abusive father.

The two meet again when Dean is working on Cas's new house, and Dean apologises sincerely for his treatment of Cas. They become friends, and eventually lovers.

I think there was one more chapter to go but the story stalled for quite a while, possibly abandoned? Does this ring a bell to anyone?

Small details I (think) I remember:
+ Dean discovers carpentry is his passion and he's very good at it.
+ Dean and Cas went on vacation together to some city (maybe Boston)? Castiel spotted Balthazar there.
Okay, so I've been diligently looking for this story for almost a week now and I cannot believe my google-fu and tag browsing has finally failed me! Hopefully the wonderful, helpful folks in this community will be able to save me from pulling my hair out in frustration!

I cannot remember for the life of me if this was wincest or if they're just really, really close gen. Almost positive I read this on LJ somewhere and it's quite a long fic. Very, very high level - Sam is injured in a fall from a building during what should have been a routine hunt with Dean. He falls several stories and fractures his skull when he lands. This results in some permanent damage to his mobility and, I think, his speech. The story is about the progress of his recovery with Dean's support. A couple of specific details that I do remember are a bit spoilery, so...

[Spoiler (click to open)]Dean is cold to Sam for the first year of recovery (in Sam's perspective) and Sam thinks Dean hates him now. We find out that it's because Dean feels horribly guilty about the accident. He let Sam lead in on the hunt because he thought it would be an easy one and he had been afraid that Sam was about to leave him. He wanted Sam to feel like he was taking the lead more often and was a necessary part of the team, so he deliberately hung back and a second monster/baddie of the week took Sam by surprise and knocked him off the building instead.

Does anyone know the fic I'm looking for? It was absolutely awesome and I can't believe I was such an idiot and didn't bookmark it! 
1. I just recently finished a story where Jensen and Jared became soul bonded. They were able to feel what the other person felt mirrored in their own body, as well as the others thoughts and emotions.

I'm adding body switching to the tags because this would work too.

I would absolutely LOVE more of this if anyone knows of any!

2. I would love to read any good case fics with Sam and Dean as the primary characters. I'd really love to read some that feel like they could really be part of the show! Hurt!Comfort, pre!season and/or Wincest would only be pluses!☺️💕

If not Sam and Dean, maybe ghosts or something haunting / similar to case fic but with J2?

J2 and wincest only please. Self recs are great !
Thank you in advance! :)

*The fic I mentioned was Heart of the Matter: AU dragon!fic, for the prompt "He was supposed to slay the creature, not end up soulbonded to it."
I'm looking for a fairly old fic, like 5 or 6 years old at least. All I recall about it is that Jensen is a famous movie star who is shooting a movie in some small town in Texas for the summer and his presence causes a commotion every time he goes to the town bar where Jared works. I think at first Jared is annoyed but they become friends and start hanging out together before starting a secret affair. Both are in the closet, I think or at least Jensen is. Maybe Jared thought he was straight before meeting Jensen? I can't recall what his orientation was at the start.

Thanks in advance!
16 August 2016 @ 08:57 pm
This is what I'm looking for 6. Not Gonna by fantamae - Weecest- Dean’s taught Sam how to kiss and give a good BJ, but there’s no way he’s going to go all the way with his little brother.
If you also gave recs similar share please!
Dean is in trouble and Alistair is to blame, Sam takes dream root to walk in Dean's dreams and find the way to help him, Cas tells Sam not to open any doors in Dean's mind except the one he needs to, but Sam can't help himself and he opens doors and discovers things about Dean his brother had kept hidden from him. Like Dean tortured Jess. I don't know if this story was finished. Not really sure about what else is going on, so not sure what tags will apply...but if anyone knows what it is, please reply. Thx in advance.
16 August 2016 @ 09:59 pm
So I got an itch and started reading a lot of Swesson lately.  Most of the fics are just straight up AU stuff, which is always fun.  A number of them that have the "this all feels so familiar" angle with no reveal.  Now, I've read exactly one fic in the past that was just like the after result where "something" happened between Sam in Dean in their AU life (we don't get the details) where Dean just rationalizes to Sam that it was just their love for each other that twisted into something different when they didn't remember being brothers.  So really, what I'd like is Swesson where they get together, then get their memories back and decide to be together anyway.  Like Swesson that segues or results in Wincest,  I mean, it's okay if there is Wincest before what happens but I'd like to see it the other way.
Thanx guys!
16 August 2016 @ 07:07 pm
So the specific fic I'm looking for is a Destiel fic I read in AO3 a while back and don't remember the title

What I do remember is that Alpha Castiel was driving and found a pregnant, Omega Dean in then middle of the road. He picked him up and took him home. Specific things I remember; Castiel took Dean shopping and he bought him a leather jacket and he said that Dean looked every inch the Alpha if it weren't for the fact that he was pregnant. Castiel's family had really low opinions of Omega's and basically treated them like crap. Also, there was a wedding between Michael and another Omega and Castiel took Dean. I remember Naomi was their mother. When they asked Dean's last name he said Winchester and they said that it was the same surname as the lawyer for Omega rights. He ended up being Sam who was looking for Dean. One other fact I remember is that Lucifer (I think) recognized Dean and Dean got scared of him.

Anyway, that's all I remember but hopefully, someone will know what I mean. remember but hopefully, someone will know what I mean.
16 August 2016 @ 03:20 am

So I Just Read A Couple Of Fics About Mob Jared And Jensen As His Boyfriend Or Boy Toy and jared is very possessive of him And Really Liked Them And Would Love If Anyone Has Some Recs.....thanks!

15 August 2016 @ 09:53 am
I'm looking for a fic I read a while back and I can't seem to find it anymore. Can't remember the title, but I do remember a few standouts from it.

- It was long, something like over a hundred parts if I remember, and it was(maybe still is) incomplete

- It was post here on Livejournal

-Dean didn't become a vessel until well into the fic, and he was mighty reluctant at first, but it was something both he an Michael came to enjoy

- It was Destiel

- Raphael had been hearing prayers from a littler girl

- I rmember there being mention of the Jewel of Abel

- At one point Samuel stabbed Dean because there had been a suggestion planted in his mind

Those are the big standouts, and I'd be super glad if someone could help me find this fic again. It was one of my favorites!
Posting on request: Looking for a link or pdf of Cracked Perfecting Images and Porcelain (sp?) by sparkofire. I tried the deleted/purged journals post and there is a link to other searches but no results. Hoping maybe someone has it?
14 August 2016 @ 04:10 pm
Does anybody have a copy of After the Flesh by QueenGeekKeri. I really want to read it. I found the pdf version but after the first page nothing else shows up and I really want to read it. The story has appERANTLY been deleted and I was wondering if anybody has a copy if so can you email it to me asterdreams@gmail.com.
14 August 2016 @ 06:40 pm
I read this fic on AO3 a while back and somehow failed to bookmark it. In it Dean is an omega who comes back home because John is dying. Cas is his doctor and an alpha. In this reality omegas are second class citizens and Dean had been assulted in the past because of it. It is a very long fic and there is mpreg in it. I've been looking on AO3 and here but haven't been able to track it down. Thanks in advance.
14 August 2016 @ 10:48 pm
Hello, everybody!

I read a cheater!Dean fic recently, and it gave me something of a taste, so I was hoping you kind people had some recs. I'd prefer non-AU if possible, and a happy reconciliation by the end because I'm soppy like that.

But I also would love to ready any fluffy Sastiel or Mishalecki fics you had to recommend. Especially if Sam and Jared are all protective of their respective angels. Not adverse to some light hurt/comfort. Also perfectly okay with gen instead of slash.

Thanks in advance.
14 August 2016 @ 09:47 am

Today I was looking for "Fur-ociously in Love" by Willowe, but apparently it has been deleted :( I loved this story so much and I didn't save it, so I wonder if anyone has a copy or a link? (if the author doesn't mind, of course).

thank you so much!
13 August 2016 @ 10:46 pm
Are there any stories where Sam says no when Dean asks him to help him find their father. Au and finished hopefully. Looking for something similar to a Long and Lonesome Highway by Sorka but not a necessity. I've also read Reputation based off of Sorka's story.
Also I would prefer if Castiel is a part of the story but not necessary.
No preference in paring as long as the OMC/OFC is well written.
Gen/Slash any pairing is fine.
13 August 2016 @ 06:32 pm
Today I noticed that a fic I had saved in my AO3 bookmarks had been deleted. I only remember a few things: 1. the title - Sweaters and Cigarettes 2. pairing - Dean/Castiel 3. setting - All Human Highschool AU featuring a punk Cas (with tattooes) and a possibly nerdy Dean. 4. The author's name might have had the word lemon in it.

Therefore, what I am asking is if anyone have a copy of this fic that they can sent to me?

Edit: After doing some further research, I found out the author's name is lemonoclefox. Soon after, I got a copy of the fic from someone on tumblr. However, I'll leave this post up since there might be others that are looking for the fic.