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Just another crazy LJ-er

neutral supernatural beings and rpf

Hi folks,

1. Could you recommend fics in which SamnDean face a supernatural being that's neither good nor evil? I've read Swear by all the flowers by sweetestdrain and Receding by minkmix, and am looking for more like that. Basically anything in which the boys face something so old and/or different that they cross path with humans through luck or some kind of accident. You could also offer fics in which the brothers face things that aren't their normal kind of gig, homicide, dealing with human (or not) predators. things of that nature.

2. This is wish-thinking more than anything else, but. Is there RPF in which Jared (and/or Jensen) tells his costar that if he wasn't straight (or insert other reason. straightness needn't be mentioned) they'd do a great couple? Like BFF kind of fic in which the boys give it a thought (or even a try) and decide that nope, they like it better as friends. (oh pleaseplease let there be fic of this kind. *grovels for someone to write it*)

If anything, in lieu of number 2 I'll take anything with maximum boy-bonding between the Js.

Tags: genre: gen - no pairing, genre: rpf
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