jello (jelost) wrote in spnstoryfinders,

Hurt/Comfort fics: Hurt!Dean or J2 AU

Hey guys! I've scoured the past recs and didn't find a whole lot to go on, so figured I'd try my own post. I'm on a major hurt/comfort kick at the moment, and specifically looking for:

1: Hurt!Dean, with Sam doing the comforting. Physical or emotional pain and/or comfort, it's all good. I'd prefer just brotherly love right now, as I'm a little jaded with wincest atm, but wincest and wincesty undertones are ok too.

2: J2 AU, hurt/comfort, either Jared or Jensen doing the hurting or the comforting, doesn't matter. Just AU, though, please!

The longer the fic, the better. Thanks guys! ♥
Tags: affliction: hurt!dean, genre: gen - no pairing, genre: hurt/comfort, pairing: dean/sam
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