Mafalda (metralha) wrote in spnstoryfinders,

weechesters and AU fics


I'm looking for this wonderful weechesters fic where Dean was four and Sam was a baby. It was a fairly long one and had a lot of John in it. I remember a part where Dean was invited to sleep over at a friend's house but left during the night and tried to go home. And another little part where John was warming up milk for Sam's bottle and the baby said something like "peese". It was very cute.
Could you point me out to some more weechester fics with Sam and Dean very young and John taking care of them?

Also, are there any new AU fics where one of the boys is a doctor? It could be j2 or Sam and Dean.

Thanks very much for the help =)
Tags: character: dean, character: john, character: sam, genre: au, genre: wee!chesters
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