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I recently started reading J2 and fell in love with hurt!Jensen and protectiveJared fics. I had bookmarked a WIP J2 but my laptop crashed and I lost the link.
What I remember is Jensen was hurt and his friends were watching him. Steve and Chris were dating. Jared and Chris left Steve alone to babysit Jensen and while they were gone Steve is tazered (actually electrocuted because he's standing in water when he's attacked).
Jensen is kidnapped and taken to a cabin in the woods where he escapes. He gets lost in the woods during a snowstorm. I think he eventually gets found by some snowmobilers.
The story was updated fairly recently.

Hope this sounds familiar. Thanks for looking and if you know of any new hurtJensen links please share.


Add-story found super fast by mymuseandi-link in comments.
Though I'm still happy to accept any hurt or kidnapped Jensen fics. And self-recs are wonderful as well.
Tags: affliction: hurt!jensen, affliction: kidnapped!jensen, attribute: protective!jared
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