Rose Ganymede (ex_rosegany) wrote in spnstoryfinders,
Rose Ganymede

Sam whumpage

I'm a bad person. I like to see Sammy get hurt. Preferably then comforted - by Dean-o - but actually, I'm pretty down with Dean doing the hurting too. Emotional, physical, you name it; I'll take whatever you got.

-depressed Sam (especially as a teen)
-suicidal Sam / self-harm
-raped Sam
-beat up!Sam (school age)
-Sam hurt in any way, shape, or form on a hunt
-kidnapped Sam
-tortured Sam
-Sam as sub
-Sam in the hospital
-sick Sam (severe illness or simple cold/flu)
-Sam crying
-Sam neglected as a child
-Sam with mental illness or disability
-Sam abused by John
-Dean physically, sexually, or emotionally hurting Sam (by choice, by curse, whatever)
-whatever else you can think of

Slash is preferred, and Wincest is even better, but gen can do, preferably if Dean still plays a major role. AUs are welcome, self-recs, any rating, underage, name it. I'm sorry, Sammy :( You're just so fascinating when you're broken!

I'll take h/c, schmoop, angst, dark fic, whatever. Just make with the Sam whumpage! Please ;)

And again, fics in which Dean helps Sam through the problem - even if it's Dean that causes it - are especially awesome. The boys are a package deal for me - it's kind of not about Sam if it's not about Dean too.

PS. Please warn for death!fic. I apprciate it!
Tags: affliction: crying, affliction: depression, affliction: hospitalized!sam, affliction: hurt!sam, affliction: kidnapped!sam, affliction: sick!sam, character: sam, genre: hurt/comfort, pairing: dean/sam, warning: abused!sam (physical), warning: non-con, warning: self harm
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