Imogen Lily (imogen_lily) wrote in spnstoryfinders,
Imogen Lily

slave fic

Hey everyone

I'm looking for a few things:

1) J2 fics with slave!Jared. I have read In Service and the sequel In Noble Service and I'm Happy If You Are, but are there any more slave!Jared fics? Ideally I'd like stuff where Jensen isn't a slave too. It can be an AU world with slavery or something where Jared is illegally made a slave - anything I don't care

2) J2 fics with kidnapped!Jared, I know about Freakn_Out's fics, are there any more around? Lots of hurt!Jared and protective!Jensen would be great.

3) J2 fics with a shy, submissive Jared. It doesn't have to be BDSM or D/S but just stuff where Jared is shy, uncertain, unconfident - anything along those lines, and Jensen is the more confident etc of the two

4) J2 fics with hustler!Jared. Preferably stuff that's not Pretty Woman-ish, I love roamcen but stuff a bit more realistic would be good. Lots of hurt/comfort would be welcome. I know about the Family Business verse, is there any other stuff you guys can rec?

bottom!Jared is prefered for all whenever possible. AUs, self-pimps etc are elcome. i'm hard to squick so feel free to rec anything. Also if there are Wincest versions for any of the above feel free to rec those too (bottom!Sam if possible)

cookies, hugs and naked J2 for all suggestions!
Tags: affliction: hurt!jared, attribute: shy!boys, career: hustler!jared, genre: hurt/comfort, warning: abused!jared (physical)
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