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LFS: J2 AU fics: kind of dark!Jensen and clueless!Jared? Also Dark!Dean with wincest fic search


I once posted a search like the one I'm going to post now and I hope there'll be more answers (or fics written) since.

1/So, I'm looking for J2 AU fics where Jensen is kind of a bad guy, a mob boss, gangster or something like that; he can be cruel and dark but he is not completely evil. One day he meets Jared  and they fall in love but Jared doesn't know the true nature of Jensen's work?
(I'm rethinking the evil part: Jensen can be evil as long as it's well written). A happy ending would be great but as long as it's good and, I repeat, well written, even sad endings are good for me.
The only fic I found that ressembled what I'm looking for is "the family business" verse by kuhekabir.

2/I'm also looking for any good fic where Dean turned dark because of his time in hell (or even before) and he is only kind (or something close to it for a demon) with Sam? I read "Fade to black" by runedgirl and I just freaking loved it. There was also this other one where Dean was possessed by Lucifer and it was really good (if a little too short for my tastes)

For both searches bottom!Jared and bottom!Sam is really prefered and long and plotty (and hot) is loved.

I reaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllly hope that you'll have lots of fics for me!

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