Destiny (heyuwithaface) wrote in spnstoryfinders,

J2 Romantic Comedy Slash or Extremely Unique J2

I've got a two-fer here.  Can y'all help?

1.) I'm looking for extremely funny Jared/Jensen romantic comedy slash.  The longer the better, the more humorous the BEST.  Slash only (obviously) and self-recs are love too! 

2.) What are some of the most unique and interesting Jared/Jensen slash long fics that you've read?  I'm looking for any fiction that has both length and individuality.  I'm not easy squickable, so send all my way.  (Jared/Jensen main pairing please.)  Let me know some of your faves!


Tags: genre: crack/comedy, genre: rpf, genre: slash, story length: long
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