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Thematics fics, J2 and SPN

This is my request list, please no PWP, SPN GEN prefered, I take wincest but mild and with plot, J2 with plot too. Not Sam or Jared centered.

Note: I read a LOT, please rec me the not really popular or well known fics

1.J2 non AU lying about they relationship in public, bonus points for brokenhearted and if someone finding out the true.

2.-SPN at ER/Hospitals/Clinics, Doctors, nurses, etc POV, Outsider POV.

3.-SPN Jericho Xovers and Law & Order: SVU fics, I know about sn_crossovers community

4.-J2 AU historical fics

5.-SPN Winchesters vs Human Monsters, I mean versus abusers, murderers, rapers,etc.

6.-SPN Teen or Wee!chesters living in big cities, living in New York, Chicago, etc.

7.-SPN Winchesters and farmers, ranchers, country people, etc, I mean in really small town, I take casefiles, preseries, etc, etc. Bonus if the Winchesters are in ranch or a farm. Mistaken by a couple are always a bonus :)

Tags: crossover, genre: casefic, genre: pre-series, genre: wee!chesters
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