Kally (emptyheaven) wrote in spnstoryfinders,

The very best of the best

I know this question gets asked a lot "what's the best story you've ever read" and I'm sorry but I'm here to ask it again. With a twist.

What stories would you define this fandom by? To show off it's talent?

I'm not just talking about well written stories but the ones that capture your attention and three days later you're still sitting at your computer reading/in a trance/dead from amazement. Or a fic that causes you to refresh the page every few minutes to see if it's been updated.

Where it's just so amazing you want to print it out and découpage your walls with it.

The kind that knocks your socks off, kicks you in the ass and steals your lunch money. Okay, I'm gonna stop now :D

Anything goes; any length, pairing, rating, characters. Supernatural or RPF. It's all good!

The only thing I'm not looking for is a link to a rec-page, your delicious list or mass recs.

Ta very muchly :)

Edit: Wow, guys! The response to this is just amazing!! Thank you SO much, all!!!
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