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BDSM, Bottom!Dean, size-difference, aftercare

General Search:

1)Sam and Dean visit a bondage club? Something along the lines of them being in a relationship but needing better equipment, etc. Anything out there on the different types of big toys that aren't readily available to two guys on the road - I'd really like bottom!dean.

2)Is there a fic out there that focuses on how surprising it is that Sam is so much bigger than Dean? I'd love to see this evolve into Sam going alpha-male on Dean. Needing to 'grow up' and to 'be treated like a man'.

3)Any fics that focus on Dean in subspace? Or the aftercare of a scene between the brothers?

Specific First-Time Wincest Search: I don't remember much from this story. It is a Sam and Dean first time, during their first time Sam realizes that Dean is asking permission to come. Sam finds this is hot (no duh), and if I'm not mistaken - Sam realizes his kink of being dominant? Does this sound at all familiar?
Tags: kink: size!kink, pairing: dean/sam
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