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Good old Sam Whump

Hey guys,

I'm looking for a few kinds of stories, let me know if you guys know of any, please:

1. Any stories where Sam and Dean aren't related, or don't know they are related and Dean (anyone actually) treats Sam bad, abusive, or hurts him in any way, and then stops when he finds out Sam is his brother, doesn't deserve it, or realizes it's just wrong.

2. Someone finds out about Sam's powers and hunts him down, kidnapps him, or just plain hurts him because of what he is.

3. Stories where the boys aren't brothers, or don't know they are brothers, where Dean (or John and Dean) find Sam and take him in. Abused!Sam or anything like that where he has been living a bad life until they find him.

4. Any limp!Sam, abused!Sam, just some good old hurt!Sam stories.

5. Any stories that continue or go along with 4x21. Anythign dealing with Sam's detox and withdrawal. I would love poor withdrawal Sam.

Please and thank you.

Anything similar or related in any kind of way would work. I'm not into wincest but I can get past it if you find anything good. Also, any one of these that are wee!chesters would be like an early Christmas for me.

Tags: affliction: hurt!sam, affliction: kidnapped!sam, au: boys aren't brothers, au: boys raised apart, ep: 04x21 when the levee breaks, warning: abused!sam (physical)
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