aubergineautumn (aubergineautumn) wrote in spnstoryfinders,

ISO SPN/J2 Crossover w/ Dexter Fics (Serial Killer Fics)

I think this search has been posted before (and if so, I apologize). But it isn't easy to find, because it wasn't tagged.

1) Can someone list all the Dexter crossovers w/ SPN/J2 that they know of?
2) Can someone list all the fics they know of that have J2/Sam/Dean as serial killers?
3) I am specifically looking for a fic that as Jensen as a Dexter-like serial killer, Misha & Chad as his assistants, and Jared as a surgeon. So far, I think it has 2 or 3 chapters. Does anyone recognize this? It was really good.
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