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Long AU J2 Fics

I’m relatively new the fandom and was wondering if anyone could give me some good recs. I only want AU J2 fics. And no lower than an R rating, please. And I would like some longer fics. I really love long fics/verses. And I would like the fic to have a somewhat happy ending. I don’t want fics where either Jared or Jensen die. But I love angst! So make them as angsty as you want. And I’m not a huge fan of really fluffy fics, unless they’re really funny. And no established relationship fics. I love fics where they fall in love. I would love some of the following:

*Highschool fics
*Underage fics, where either Jared or Jensen are underage.
*Pornstar or hustler fics
*Slavery fics
*Dark fics (But no Jared or Jensen dying)
*Bets/games fics
* Infidelity fics (Just them cheating on other people, no J2 cheating on each other.)
*Fics where they start off hating each other.
*Jared and Jensen pretend to be in love/boyfriends/like each other

And any others that you think are really good.
Tags: affliction: homeless, career: hustler!jared, career: hustler!jensen, career: pornstars, genre: au, genre: dark!fic, genre: high school, genre: pretend couple, genre: rpf, story length: long, warning: slavery
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