Lauren (elementarystars) wrote in spnstoryfinders,

Pod/Audio Fic

Hi all! I just got a new job, which is great, but it's a long, long journey there and back. I tried reading on the bus, but it's just too shaky for me to read properly. So I downloaded some Supernatural podfic onto my iPod. Unfortunately I've got through it really quickly, as most of the ones I had were quite short.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good, long podfic? I've listened to everything read by juice817 and I especially loved the story by _mournthewicked . I don't mind what pairing or genre the fic is. I do really love AUs, though. RPS, Wincest, Dean/Castiel, case fic, gen, throw it all at me if it's long. I'm a bit of a Sam girl, if that helps at all?

Thank you to anyone who can help. :)
Tags: !pod/audio fic
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