aleishapotter (aleishapotter) wrote in spnstoryfinders,

J2 Teacher/Student??

Okay, I know that sounds really wrong but... well... lol!!!  Are there any teacher/student relationship fics out there?  I'm not totally sick, I'd prefer it to be more college-ish... as in, both over 18, where it's a little more morally okay. :) *giggle*  I don't care who's the teacher and who's the student, nor do I really care who's top and who's bottom, so, if there is anything out there like that, let me know!!

The longer the better, and I love angst and NC-17.

Thanks in advance!!!

Oh! and, I was wondering if anyone could rec some LONG Jensen/Misha fics.  I've looked around, and almost everything I can find with those two is short.... maybe there just isn't anything long out there???
Tags: pairing: jared/jensen, pairing: jensen/misha
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