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Is Castiel really in love with Dean?

I need help, I´m losing my mind literally, I´ll go nuts! I know!

I have this tiny scene in my head I read maybe a few weeks ago: somebody (almost certain it´s Uriel, but then again, maybe not... ) asks Castiel if he really loves Dean, to which he answers something like "he swears, he steals, he has no faith, he has unattached sex, he´s everything I´m not, of course I love him..." (it´s not literal, I think he said a lot more and way fancier...)

I know it´s pretty vague, but I´ve gone through ALL my memories, my bookmarks, I googled it and I just CANNOT find it, I can´t!
I can only hope somebody here read it and remembers it, so I can stay sane... otherwise I´l go crazy!  Please!!!

Thanks in advance, you´ll help me save money by keeping me away from the shrink...
Tags: pairing: dean/castiel
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