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J2,specific fic

There is one fic I would love to read again but I can't find it :( Please help me !

I don't remember much,but I think that Jensen in that fic was hurt/abused/raped probably in his bedroom/room (i'm not sure but someone broke to his room at night and I think Jared was in his room but he didn't hear it) .After that Jensen was scared to pass  the door to his room.The door was locked by Jared couse he didn't want Jensen to go there.I also remember Jared finding Jensen who was scared/in shock , think it was at night and Jensen wanted to go to the kitchen.
I think it was chaptered fic and was already finished.
I'm not sure if I get it all right,but I won't mind any piece of advice where I can find it.

Also could someone recommend me some fic with"
-abused Jensen
-non con Jensen
-hurt Jensen
-kidnapped Jensen
-protective/caring Jared
Tags: !specific fic, affliction: hurt!jensen, affliction: kidnapped!jensen, attribute: protective!jared, pairing: jared/jensen, warning: abused!jensen (physical)
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