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Sam in Stanford, Sam and Dean in high school, Sam/Dean dangerous (outsider POV), caught in the act


So, I'm looking for fics again, just not a specific one this time. I read a lot of non-wincest spn stories lately, and I found lots of really interesting ideas! I found a few types, on which I'd love to read some more stories!

First, I found a fic, which was about Sam at Stanford, He is living a sort of normal life, but his previous life and training just can't be undone, so he's one hell of a confident, calm but strong, if necessary, then kinda dangerous student :) (sorry for the poor summary, I'm lacking some skills in english :) ) See for yourself here:

So, I'm looking for anything that fits this type: exactly how normal was Sam's normal life, when he was done with hunting. Would he hustle pool for money? How would he react in a dangerous situation (nothing supernatural involved, just times calling for every day heroes). Probably sg like: he is still prepared for everything, reacts really fast, maybe has some weapon on him too, and leaves everyone wondering where the hell did THAT come from, when all they knew was a regular, nice college guy, What would happen if someone challenged him to fight, how would he do in sports... things like that (preferably no wincest, but it's still OK if it is)

I also found one about Sam and Dean stopping a robbery which they happen to run into accidentally:

and so, now I'm looking for stories with Sam, or Dean, or both of them getting into non-supernatural situations, like being taken hostage, getting into the middle of a bank robbery or a hold up in some gas station accidentally, stuff like that. All characters are normal people who don't know anything about Sam and Dean, and then the boys turn out to be cool and dangerous and heroic and whatnot, saving the day :)  (preferably no wincest, but I'd take those too)

3., HIGH SCOOL STUFF: Also I would love some fics on Sam/Dean being the new kids in high scool after moving to a new place. Bullies are picking on them / Dean defending Sam /  Dean trying hard to lay low and stay out of trouble and not to draw any attention, but at the end having to kick ass anyway :) / stuff like that.  Or maybe Sam is considered to be a looser / geek, and he surprises everyone by beating up half of the football team :D It also might be fun, if Sam or Dean would try out for some kind of sport -probably football, but might be anything, where they have a huge advantage on all the jocks because of their training.
Or: other kids/teachers starting to find out somehow that they are really different (not necessarily the supernatural stuff, just the soldier-like training, unexplained injuries, not being scared when the situation would call for it... maybe hidden weapons on them :)  these kinds of things. Probably getting to all kinds of wrong conclusions (they are sociopaths, their father abuses them, whatever)  Anything of this type.

4., CAUGHT IN THE ACT : Does anyone know stories where Sam and Dean are in a relationship during high scool/meet while Sam is in Stanford/etc., and someone (teacher, classmate, other college students, but NOT JOHN, OR BOBBY, it has to be an outsider) cathes them kissing / fucking/ etc, and does know/finds out they are brothers too?

Or you can just combine 3. and 4. :))

thanks for the help!
Tags: character: dean, character: sam, genre: college, genre: high school, genre: pre-series, point of view: outsider, stanford
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