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1. I remember reading a de-aged Sam fic where in the end John and Dean go their separate ways. Dean ends up raising Sam and if I'm right he may have a wife but I'm not sure on that part. The ending is set at the grand canyon or something along those lines.
2. I'm looking for any mentally ill/mentally challenged!Sam fics. Whether it's an accident in his life or he was born that way I don't care.
3. De-aged Sam fics.
4. AU season 5/6 where Dean takes care of Sam after he jumps into the pit (like PTSD stuff). I've already read the Fusion 'verse.
5. Teen!chester fics.
6. Hurt!Sam, Limp!Sam
7. Abuse stories where the boys eventually get away from their abusers (this includes kidnapped stories)
8. Sam and Dean grow up with Adam

Please do not include any stories where Sam or Dean die.
Thanks in advance!
Tags: affliction: blind!sam, affliction: deaf!sam, affliction: deaged!sam, affliction: hurt!sam, affliction: kidnapped!sam, affliction: sick!sam, attribute: adorable!sam, character: adam, character: sam, genre: dark!fic, genre: hurt/comfort, genre: john blames sam, warning: abused!dean (physical), warning: abused!sam (physical), warning: mental illness
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