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LF hurt!Sam or hurt!Jared hidden gems, car accident fics

 So I'm a voracious fanfic reader (like, seriously, I should be ashamed of the amount of time I spend reading fanfic) and Supernatural is my #1 fandom.  I am a hardcore hurt!Sam girl, so I've read TONS of hurt!Sam fics.  I'm also out of work while I await more surgery to address injuries resulting from being hit by a drunk driver a few years back, so I'm laid up and have quickly gone through my "to read" list. :/
During earlier seasons it seemed like there was no shortage of good hurt!Sam fics popping up every day, but lately I feel like fandom is overrun with nothing but hurt!Dean.  There have been some very good hurt!Sam exceptions, but it seems like I have to wade through twenty hurt!Dean fics to find one hurt!Sam fic and hurt!Dean just REALLY isn't my cuppa tea (no offense to those who do enjoy it, just not my flavor).  So basically I'm really craving hurt!Sam but I feel like I've read EVERYTHING already.  I check ohsam multiple times a day, I search the hurt!Sam, abused!sam, and hurt!Jared tags in this community daily, and I search through daily.  I'm also up-to-date on the spn_bigbang.   I'm beginning to despair, people!  I need my hurt!Sam!  

So here's the actual request :).  Can you rec me your favorite under-appreciated, little-known, or very new hurt!Sam and hurt!Jared fics?  Fics that I may not have come across in the usual places, like stories that haven't been published to well-known communities like ohsam, comment fics, fics so new the metaphorical ink hasn't dried yet, fics you never see on rec lists even though they deserve to be, etc.  Even very old fics that may have gotten lost to the internets over time and neglected by more recent rec lists.  It doesn't even have to be physical hurt - angst and emotional hurt are fine and dandy, too!  Bookmark lists are okay, too, though it's much appreciated if you have specific recs since generally I've read most of what people have bookmarked.  
Also, more specifically, fics in which either Sam or Jared are injured in a car accident.  I know it's weird that I'm in pain and laid up as a result of a car accident and I want to read about poor Sam/Jared being subjected to the same, but it's oddly therapeutic to me (don't judge!) LOL.  Preferably fics that focus on Dean/Jensen helping Sam/Jared while he's still in the car (trapped, etc) and not hospital fics.  Even though fics about actual accidents should bother me more than fics about being in the hospital, it's the other way around (go figure).  Since I'll be spending plenty of time in the hospital soon enough, I don't really want to read about it LOL.
All warnings are fine (except for main character death), self-recs are fine, Wincest is fine, AU is fine - I'm desperate here!  The fic can even contain hurt!Dean so long as the focus is mainly on hurt!Sam.  All I ask is that it's decently written, as I'm a stickler for characterization and grammar.  Please help!  I'm going through withdrawals!  
Thanks! (sorry for the long request - like I said, bored and laid up!)
Tags: affliction: fainting, affliction: hurt!jared, affliction: hurt!sam, affliction: sick!jared, affliction: sick!sam, character: dean, character: sam, genre: hurt/comfort, pairing: dean/sam, pairing: jared/jensen, person: jared padalecki, person: jensen ackles, warning: illnesses
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