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J2 Fic Recs, Please?

Hi, I'm looking for J2 fics. If anyone has a favorite J2 story under the categories I'm about list, please provide a link or at least the title and author.

1) Stories where Jared and Jensen hate each other at first but eventually fall in love. I've read and loved The Play Nice Proviso by qblackheart and It's a Thin Line by itsthedetails. I don't care if the story is non-au or au. Either is fine.

2) Metahuman/Mutant Stories. You know, any stories where one or both of the boys is a metahuman/mutant and fall in love with each other. I'm particularly interested in any stories that take place in a school for people like that (like Xavier's in the X-men universe).

3) Stories where one or both of the boys is a wizard/warlock/sorcerer etc. Bonus points if it's set in a school for magic users (major Harry Potter fan here). Even more bonus points if one of the boys is the first person with magic in their family.

Thanks muchly to anyone who responds!

Tags: abilities: powers!jared, abilities: powers!jensen, creature: not human, genre: au, genre: rpf, genre: slash, pairing: jared/jensen, person: jared padalecki, person: jensen ackles
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