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Protective!Sam, Possessive!Sam

Hello everyone :) This is my first time posting here, I hope I'm doing it right.  English is my 3rd language, so sorry if there are a lot of mistakes.
I have a few requests; maybe some one can help me out ! :)

1) I'm basically looking for Wincest fics where Sam takes care of Dean. Dean can be sick, injured, suffering from memory loss ... it doesn't really matter as long a Sam is taking care of him. 

2) My second request are Wincest fics where Sam worships Dean, as in, he thinks he's the most beautiful, wonderful person in the world. His world basically revolves around Dean. He can't stop touching Dean, and really likes to please him in every way. And I would love if Sam cuddled Dean. A lot.

3) Possessive!Sam; rec me your favorites.

4) And I would also like a few good first-time fic recs.  :)

I prefer toppy!Sam and I don't read non-con and mpreg. No Dean/OMC and Sam/OMC.

Thanks in advance ! :)

Tags: affliction: sick!dean, attribute: possessive!sam, attribute: protective!sam, genre: cuddling, genre: first time, pairing: dean/sam
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