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Blind Dean

I am looking for a specific fic that includes Dean getting blinded by what I think was a witch. It happens during the Stanford era and I can remembering Sam coming out to help Dean after getting a call. There are a couple of things that I remember. Dean was very good at walking around blind. Later on they are at Stanford and people are amazed at his ability to play darts whan he cant see the board. He also gets information for a hunt by throwing knives at a man who is tied up and getting staedily closer to either his head or his manly parts. He hooks up with one of Jess' friends who is quite self conscious. I believe her first time is with Dean. She also gets him to pose naked for a drawing. I remembering them interacting with a small boy. I think he was the son of whoever cursed Dean.
Tags: affliction: blind!dean, affliction: cursed, character: dean, character: sam, pairing: dean/ofc, stanford
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