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Attempted Suicide, NO Death fic's, Dean!mpreg's

Okay, so I've been milling about the self-harm rec's and so on, but most of the fic's I find are either Sam-centric or death fic's.

I don't particularly like either.

What i'm looking for fic's where Dean attempts suicide - whether something makes him do it or otherwise. I'd rather it not be season 4 or 5 simply because the fic's with Dean-centric-self-harm I was able to find were all in that time line. (But I will read them, so rec away if you have them. XD ) I like all couplings as long as it's bottom!Dean if it's slash. (Which is preferred over Het, but with this kind of fic it doesn't really matter, I guess...)

Also, I really like Mpregs, but I've been having a hard time finding one's where Dean's the one preggers. XD (I could just be blind, though) Again, I love all pairings as long as it's Bottom!Dean. I like Dean/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel, Dean/Sam, Dean/Balthazar, Dean/Crowley, Dean/YED, Dean/Michael, Dean/Lucifer, ect. :3 I would like stories that go into the actual pregnancy, possibly even birth (Cookies if anyone can find a fic where there are difficulties during labor so there can be some Hurt!Dean and possibly h/c) but I'll also take ones that focus more on smut, but mention the pregnancy.

Anyways~ Thank you in advance guys, you're awesome. ^_^
Tags: affliction: hurt!dean, character: azazel, character: balthazar, character: castiel, character: crowley, character: dean, character: gabriel/trickster, character: lucifer, character: michael (angel), character: sam, kink: mpreg, pairing: dean/castiel, pairing: dean/crowley, pairing: dean/gabriel, pairing: dean/lucifer, pairing: dean/michael, pairing: dean/sam, position (sex): bottom!dean, warning: self harm
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