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J2 College Fic - Hurt!Jensen

I read a fic about a year ago where the boys were at college and Jensen was a kinda quiet nerdy type of guy.

He had this book that I think was his Grandmother's? There was possibly a party going on and someone got a hold of the book, possibly Tom Welling or David Boreanaz, and was standing on top of a table reading from it. Jensen was mortified and tried to get it back. The person on the tsble managed to drop a beer bottle which shattered and Jensen noticed that there was blood on the book. Jared was all, 0.0 Jensen you're bleeding - and takes him to hospital after he passes out.

Would love to read it again! Any help is appreciated =)

Any other J2 college hurt!jensen, shy!jensen recs are also welcome =)

Found!! Thanks for your help guys =)

Tags: affliction: hurt!jensen, affliction: low self esteem, attribute: adorable!jensen, attribute: shy!boys, genre: college, pairing: jared/jensen
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