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Specific J2 fic search - hurt!Jensen, broken up boys


I'm looking for a J2 fic I read a long time ago. I don't remember much but I do hope it's enough for someone to recognize.

It starts with Jensen coming back from a shoot. He's hurt his back from a stunt, and ignores it. Jared is calling his cellphone, they're together, but he doesn't want to talk to Jared. Or he did, and they broke up. Can't remember the details, but things aren't good between them.

The story skips forward a few years after that I think. They've broken up, and Jensen is now either in a wheelchair or something. He really hurt himself at that accident apparently.

They are both actors in the story, but Jensen isn't after the accident, and I don't  remember if it's an AU or not. 

Somehow they meet each other again. I think Jensen is now a movie director instead or something, or he owns some kind of special-effects company, or a company that makes digital effects? But they meet at a party as far as I remember, and then slowly start to get to know each other again.

It was quite angsty and heartbreaking but I think it had a happy ending. 

I know it's not much, but I just remember the first scene, with Jensen colapsing on his hotel bed, all hurting and groggy, and thinking how tired he is of Jared, and their relationship. I think Jensen might be either drinking or be on some kind of heavy medication. Not sure.

Hope this means something to someone. Please help.

Tags: !deleted-journal/story, !specific fic, affliction: boys hide injuries, affliction: hurt!jensen, attribute: jealous!jared, genre: angst, genre: au, genre: hurt/comfort, genre: non-au, genre: romance, genre: rpf, genre: schmoop, genre: slash, genre: tearjerker, pairing: jared/jensen, story length: long, warning: drugs, warning: illnesses
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