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Jensen is turned into a dog by a curse FOUND!!

I thought I had this fic in my memories but I can't find it. So anyone who can I help I will be so grateful. Anyway it's a Jared/Jensen story.

Jensen get's cursed by a witch and turned into a dog. It was because he slept with her granddaughter trying to hide the fact he was gay or something along those lines. Anyway he will stay as a dog until he learns to really love another person etc.

Jared work's at a pet store or vet's and on the way to work hit's a dog (Jensen) with his bike. He takes Jensen to his work to fix him. Long story short he takes Jensen home.

I also remember Jeffery Dean Morgan worked with Jared and liked him but Jared wasn't interested. I think Jensen/Jeffery didn't get on.


FOUND story in comments!! =4
Tags: !specific fic, !status: found, affliction: cursed, creature/changed!boys, genre: romance, genre: rpf, pairing: jared/jensen, person: jeffrey dean morgan
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