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LF J2 stories - 1 specific plus any reccs you can think of

I remember reading a story but cannot seem to find where I bookmarked it. In it the boys were doing a stunt - where they had harnesses that would pull them backward to imitate a demon (or other baddie) throwing them against the wall. Something happened - I think there was a lightning strike which shorted out something and they got pulled too hard. Before the stunt something was going on with the J's - a misunderstanding of some sort. Jensen reacts to Jared being hurt paying no attention to himself. Several crew members are trying to get Jensen to stop moving because it turns out there is a piece of wood impaling his side. I think he ends up having surgery and then maybe ends up having an infection from it and almost dies. I'm thinking that maybe somewhere in this they are developing or admitting to feelings for one another and that's why everything is all confused and messed up. I think Christian was in this too.

Any other stories where there are accidents or injuries that happen to the J's while they are on set working. Either slash or gen is fine. Just looking for some accidental hurting from making the show they love and being there for each other to get through it.

Thank you!!!!
Tags: affliction: hurt!jared, affliction: hurt!jensen, genre: hurt/comfort, person: jared padalecki, person: jensen ackles
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