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J2 non-au specific fic, car accident, coma

Hi guys! Okay so this is my first post. I have been using spnstoryfinders for a loong time now to peruse and look for new fics but today I remembered one that I never got to finish reading and I really want to. I remember a lot about it just not the name or author.
Soooo without further ado, this is what I remember:
- non au
- Jensen and Jared are together. It starts off with them having sex in one of their trailers on set, against a wall, and Jensen is bottom
-Jared says something about chad later and Jensen gets upset because he is convinced chad likes Jared
- they get in a fight because of this and storm off
- jensens coming home from set and crashes his car because it is snowing
- Jensen in a coma for like 4 years I think
- when Jensen wakes up, Jared is either married or engaged to chad

And that's pretty much how far I got. I was a little miffed by the fact that Jared was with chad because I'm a diehard Jensen/Jared dean/Sam otp kinda person but now I would actually like to finish reading it. Thanks in advance for your help!

Edit!!: fic found
Tags: !specific fic, !status: found, affliction: hurt!jensen, genre: non-au, pairing: jared/jensen, person: chad michael murray
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