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specific fic: Shy!Jensen Phone sex and one general fic search: J2 Capable!Jared

1. In the specific fic I'm looking for, Jared works for a Phone sex company, but one day he gets a call from Jensen, who I'm pretty sure is super smart. So smart that he finds it hard to talk to people and has no real friends, and ended up phoning Jared on the phone sex hotline just so he could talk to someone. Obviously romance ensued. I hope this sounds familiar to someone.

2. Secondly,I just finished readin trueshellzLips are Sealed fic, and I love how confident and capable Jared was as a character. I know this is a pretty vague request, but I was wondering if their are any other stories out there where Jared is a capable and competent person. I don't mind what Genre the story is, just rec anything that has Jared being well rounded and awesome person.

ottom!Jensen only please!

Thanks for any help :)


Tags: !specific fic, attribute: shy!boys, genre: au, genre: rpf, kink: phone sex, pairing: jared/jensen, position (sex): bottom!jensen
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