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Death!fic from outsider's POV

I'm looking for a death!fic. It's written from outsider's POV. This outsider is a woman and her child is missing. She doesn't know Sam or Dean, just thinks they are from the police and trying to find her kid. There are three scenes, first she is talking with Sam and Dean about her missing kid. In the second one she is at the hospital and Winchester's have found her child. In the third scene that woman is coming from somewhere (like shop) back to her car and sees Dean carrying Sam, both are bloody and Dean falls to his knees. Sam is (nearly) dead on his arms and he says something like "We made it Sammy". If I remember correctly, Dean dies too, but I'm not sure.

Whew. That was pretty long one, but I'd really appreciate if someone could remember its title. Thanks.
Tags: !specific fic, character: dean, character: sam, genre: death!fic, genre: hurt/comfort, point of view: outsider
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