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Ok guys, I'm taking the plunge. I've been looking up some youtube video's (because somehow I ended up with loads of workmates who watch the show and have been chatting about Castiel, who I didn't see much of  when I watched it the first time) And Castiel is actually sorta adorable, in a humorless, staring kinda way. (they do that a lot, Castiel and Dean... lots of staring...)

So. Could I have some Destial fics, or even just Gen fics with Castiel, Sam and Dean, with little to no mention of Apoclypse, Angelic civial war, time travel and other stuff, if possible.

Things I would like to see (if they exsist)

1) Castiel gets hurt (badly or not badly) and Dean patches him up.
2) Someone tries to push Castiel into sex with them (to which Castiel is confused and then a little freaked out by his bodies reactions to the attentions) and Dean comes to his rescue.
3) Casefic, like the cases in the first season, research and monster hunting, but with Castiel along (I saw some clips with Castiel going with Dean to pose as FBI agents which was hilarious)
4) Castiel as one of the family.
5) Fics that focus on Dean, Sam and Bobby teaching Castiel to relax and enjoy himself.

Nothing too heartwrenching please, just good old fluff with a little violence (because really, Dean can't go anywhere with spreading a little violence). I do, for some reason, like the idea of Dean being protective of Castiel.

Thank you.
Tags: affliction: hurt!castiel, character: castiel, character: dean, character: sam, genre: casefic, pairing: dean/castiel
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