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2 General Searches - Sub/BottomGabriel and Sub/BottomSam

Hiya guys!
So recently I've been dying to read some good Sub/Bottom Gabriel and Sub/BottomSam. I do have a few things I want to avoid though...
1. Sub/Bottom Gabriel - NO Debriel please unless it's a 'switch fic' where is starts off Debriel and ends with Sabriel. That's pretty much my only squick there. Sabriel is my favourite though. Slavery, dub/non con, soulless Sam, Boy King Sam and/or evil/demon Sam etc is great. BDSM gets bonus points. Also, I love the Consort Gabriel 'verse by madwriter223 but please don't rec that one as I've already read it. (Here's the link if you wanna read it: )
2. Sub/Bottom Sam - NO Sabriel where Sam is bottom/sub please. Also no John/Sam or Bobby/Sam. Sam/Dean wincest (or non related) is great though. Again slavery, dub/non con, Boy King Sam etc are good and BDSM is a plus (I really wanna read a fic where Sam is Boy King and submissive in bed but I don't actually think it exists :( )
Tags: affliction: soulless, altered: demon!sam, attribute: dark!sam, attribute: evil!sam, genre: slash, kink: bdsm, pairing: castiel/gabriel, pairing: dean/sam, pairing: sam/gabriel, position (sex): bottom!gabriel, position (sex): bottom!sam, warning: non-con, warning: slavery
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