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Looking for a specific Dean/Castiel story

I really, really hope you can help me. I have been searching for a Dean/Castiel story for days now and I just cannot find it. My biggest problem is that I only remember fragments. I still hope one of you will recognize the story… I am ready to tear my hair out…

Sooo, what I remember is that it was an AU…and it played in a world that was a bit like our Middle Ages. John went missing (I think he was hunting something? Maybe the thing had killed his wife??) and Dean was trying to find him. I remember he had a horse and rode through a forest. There he met Castiel who was hiding himself under a cloak. I think he was disfigured?? Thought he was hideous?? There was definitely something wrong with him…Something like that… They started traveling together…Sometimes ridding together on Dean’s horse, sometimes walking together…talking…and falling in love slowly but surely…

Please, please….does someone recognizes this story?? I already looked through every story posted in the deancasbigbangg community, the dc-everyafter community and through much of the deancastiel community…I am either blind or it was posted somewhere else…

Sorry if I made too many mistakes, English is my second language!

Tags: character: castiel, character: dean, genre: au, genre: slash, pairing: dean/castiel
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