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LFS: J2 Doctor Fic, "A Routine Exam" FOUND


Y'all were awesome in my search for J2 fics on AO3!

Now I'm looking for a specific fic which was already on my Nook. I read it and realized I only had the first part. I have the title and information, but no author. I've searched relentlessly today for the fic here, on AO3, on Google, on J2 rec lists of doctor fic, but I've had no success. I loved the first part and really hope y'all can help find more of the fic.

Virgin!Jared goes to his new doctor (Jensen) for a physical and gets more than he expected. (There is another fic like it that keeps coming up, queerly_it_is' great "You May Feel a Slight Prick" but that's not the one I'm looking for.) Jared runs into Jensen in the grocery store, and Jensen ends up coming over for a Firefly marathon. There's kissing and then fleeing by Jensen. That's all I have saved.

Here's the info I have on my .pdf version on my Nook; I think it's copied exactly from the author's header (minus the helpful links indicated natch):

Title: A Routine Exam
Pairing: J2 AU
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: I don't have a thing to do with anyone in this story. In fact, if you have anything to do with the show, please hit the back button now.
A/N: This was written for the bottom!Jared meme that transfixeddream did here. If you haven't perused, go now! Anyway, deirdre_c prompted "Jared goes to see Dr. Ackles for a complete physical" and I took a shot.

Everyone there was so awesome and encouraging to me when I posted the initial part of this fic, that it has inspired two more parts and likely may even become a verse of some kind because these characters just keep talking to me. This is how it started. Part two is how it continues.

Would LOVE to read more of this fic. In the meantime, will read all the wonderful recs you received in my other post.
Tags: !specific fic, !status: found, career: doctors, genre: au, pairing: jared/jensen, position (sex): bottom!jared
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