Misaki Kinomoto (misakikinomoto) wrote in spnstoryfinders,
Misaki Kinomoto

Secret Agents/Army/Noir/Police Destiel AUs

Does anyone know of some destiel fics that have Dean and Cas as part of the CIA/FBI/NSI/MI6? Or any other organization that would require undercover work, or defense?

Ooooo! And Army fics! Like, either Dean and/or Cas are part of the army, and they deal with their emotions while trying to survive. I'd prefer if there wasn't too much homophobia, but i can deal with slight amounts.

Police Dean and Cas are also much appreciated!



I just squeed myself to death. -_-

Thanks a lot!
(PS, it would be great if you could give me epic length or long fics, but short fics are cool as well!)
Tags: career: military, career: police/fbi, career: spies/assassins, genre: au, pairing: dean/castiel, warning: homophobia
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