bianka 'street' (owlanatomy) wrote in spnstoryfinders,
bianka 'street'

specific fic: slave/pet!cas


I'm looking for a specific au fic that I read a few months ago.
I don't quite remember if it was slave!cas or pet!cas fic but I do remember bits and pieces from it.

  • Castiel thought Dean hated his black wings because they weren't a well liked color for pet/slave angels to have.

  • Dean was forced to stay after hours at work and Cas thought he had abandon him and he started to pluck his feathers

  • When Dean came home from work, he found feathers scattered all over his apartment

Hope someone recognizes the story and thank you in advance!
Tags: !specific fic, genre: au, genre: wing!fic, pairing: dean/castiel, warning: slavery
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