Misaki Kinomoto (misakikinomoto) wrote in spnstoryfinders,
Misaki Kinomoto

Specific Destiel Fic

Ok, so i'm going to....um, put everything under the cut, JUST in case.

So, there was this fic i read a while back in which Dean sells toys of THAT variety, and Cas doesn't know what to use or something. All i know is that Dean takes him to the back of the store and teaches him how to use various toys. I don't remember who was bottom or top, but i *think* Cas was GIGANTIC. Or, well-endowed.

And i think Dean liked that.

Sorry if that's too little detail, but that's all i remember.
Tags: !specific fic, kink: fingering, kink: public sex, kink: pwp, kink: rimming, kink: size!kink, kink: virgin!boys, pairing: dean/castiel
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