hanyou_sensei (hanyou_sensei) wrote in spnstoryfinders,

LF: Specific fic (found!) and a General Search

i'm looking for a fic that features Jensen and Jared, werewolves. Jensen was a hurt were who'd left behind the woman that was abusing him. He was also an employee at a small hardware store. Jared was a part of a small pack that moved into the same town, they ran a deli/coffee shop and Jared delivered pastries to Jensen in the mornings. There was a slow build up for their relationship, and some care taking for Jensen after his attacker had hurt him. There were references to non-con and dub-con.Found in comments

Also, i'm looking for any long finished stories that feature J2 or J3 werewolves. i've read the ones between lexicale and lantis. i'd love to read longer ones. (tagged to be careful!)
Tags: !specific fic, !status: found, affliction: hurt!jensen, creature: werewolves/were-creature, genre: hurt/comfort, genre: slash, kink: threesome, pairing: jared/jeff/jensen, pairing: jared/jensen, person: jared padalecki, person: jeffrey dean morgan, person: jensen ackles, warning: dub-con, warning: non-con
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