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General: J2/Wincest-Jared/Sam is a genius or has powers, or is just special/different for any reason

Hi everyone :)

Here's what I hope you can help me find:

1) fics in which Jared/Sam is some kind of genius. He can be a little awkward (kind of like Reid in Criminal Minds) or not (like Gabriel in Intelligence). I don't care if he was born that way or if he was experimented on :)

2) any fics in which Jared/Sam has been experimented on ;)

3) fics in which Jared/Sam has powers - it's fine if it's a common thing, but I'd like for him to be different for some reason (like more powerful or just because he has an odd power or whatever)

I'd reeeally like for all the fics to be J2 or Wincest (I'm fine with gen if it's Sam and Dean though, and they are brothers), with Jensen/Dean being caring but generally very different from Jared/Sam. Oh, and possibly all bottom!Jared/Sam. If it's not...could you just let me know beforehand? :)

Thanks so much, people :)) (I hope I did the tag part right!)

Tags: abilities: powers!jared, abilities: powers!sam, genre: au, pairing: dean/sam, pairing: jared/jensen, position (sex): bottom!jared, position (sex): bottom!sam
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