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Destiel High school or College Fic (Specific Story)

From what I remember, the story was either a college or high fic. It was a Destiel story for sure.

I believe the Castiel is in this prestigious high school/college. For some reason I can’t remember this other highschool/ college that Dean attends has to merge with Castiel. The college that Dean attends to is known for having more rougher students, more thuggish and violent bad boys type, which is why Castiel and his fellow peers are dreading the school merge.

When Castiel and Dean meet, they obviously hate each other. Coming from different backgrounds, it was difficult for the two to understand one another.

One thing that was for sure was that the two were very attracted to one another. Castiel being in denial about and Dean being forward and very much often making lewd and suggestive comment. Ex. (suck my dick, etc things of sexual nature)

Once again, I don’t remember but something brings the two closer. Castiel figures out some stuff about Deans past. He gets to know about Dean little brother (whom he is very sensitive about)…

Don’t remember much else.

(there is a possible chance that the story may had included a/b/o, and in that case it would be alpha dean and omega /beta castiel . I am pretty sure it is not though) And in the case the story isn’t a/b/o the same thing would still apply, Top Dean and Bottom Castiel.

Thanks in Advance for those who help me find this story

And…. Also, if it help I remember reading this story on Archive of Our Own, but I am not ruling out that it could possibly be on Live Journal or any other sites though…

Tags: !specific fic, genre: college, genre: high school, genre: slash, pairing: dean/castiel, position (sex): bottom!castiel
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