avid_reader89 (avid_reader89) wrote in spnstoryfinders,

LF: LGBTQ a/b/o fics

So I looked through the alpha/beta/omega tag on here and the memes but didn't really see much of what I'm looking for. There is a TON of a/b/o fic out there now and it's great, but I'm hunting for fics that break the natural alpha/omega pairing. I'm most interested in fics where two characters are both omega and fall in love/lust but I'll gladly take 2 alphas together as well. 3 person (or more) pairings are mostly fine. I'm pretty open about pairings/characters and although I'm partial to Cockles, J2, and any combination of TFW, I'm really just hunting for any gay a/b/o recs.

Thanks guys!
Tags: attribute: alpha/beta/omega, pairing: dean/castiel, pairing: dean/castiel/sam, pairing: dean/sam, pairing: jared/jensen, pairing: jared/jensen/misha
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