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j2, rps, episode-related fics, h/c

Hi everyone!
I'm searching for fics in which J1 gets in character really deeply and after a tough scene he doesn't seem to be able to shook it off himself, so he gets very angry or sad, and J2 tries to make him feel better.
I don't know, something like Dean and Sam fight in 4x21, or Sam's death in 2x21. A very emotional scene. Angsty h/c or also with a fight between them, but happy ending in which they sort all out and make up.
Friends or lovers, it doesn't really matter. I'd prefer if Jensen is the one too involved in the scene, but Jared is good, too. Only Jared and Jensen, please!
Hope that someone can help me! Thanks in advance!
Tags: genre: hurt/comfort, genre: rpf, pairing: jared/jensen, person: jared padalecki, person: jensen ackles
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