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Jensen/Misha or Jared/Misha or J2M, hurt/comfort, general search

Okay, so I'm looking for any and all recs for hurt/comfort fics centering around Misha, please. :) They can be pairing him with either Jensen or Jared, or both J's, or even platonic fics too if they center around these characters.

I want ANY hurt/comfort fics that fit this description, but I'd particularly love to read anything that has to do with the pranking/hazing that goes on on set, like say a scenario where Misha is being bullied or feels threatened on the set because the pranking's gotten out of hand, or something like that.

I'm also perfectly okay, if Misha is paired with one of the J's, with the other one being the one who's mistreating him, or maybe even the one he's paired with is doing the bullying and doesn't realize how bad it's making him feel, really anything that even remotely fits the bullying followed by hurt/comfort idea.

I'd be so grateful for anything anyone can recommend! Thanks so much!!
Tags: affliction: bullied, affliction: hurt!misha, person: jared padalecki, person: jensen ackles, person: misha collins
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