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LF stories with hurt!Dean in On The Head Of A Pin after Sam kills Alistair

I would love to read some fanfic from the episode On The Head Of A Pin primarily dealing with what happens after Sam kills Alistair. Sam, Cas and Dean are all in the warehouse together. The next time we see Sam and Dean they are in the hospital, Dean is on life support and when Cas shows up Sam tells him to get in their and heal Dean NOW. I am hoping there are some fics that fill in the blanks - Sam rushing over to Dean trying to find out how bad he is hurt, rushing him to the hospital, what story to tell the hospital, how badly Dean is hurt, etc. Just some good old hurt Dean and caring/protective Sam.

Also if someone knows of some fics similar to this but don't necessarily revolve around this episode, would love to read those too!

Self-reccs are awesome too.

Thank you in advance!
Tags: affliction: hospitalized!dean, affliction: hurt!dean, attribute: protective!sam, character: dean, character: sam, ep: 04x16 on the head of a pin
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