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Sam centric fics, aus, post attempted suicide, canon divergence

Are there any fics of Sam dying preseries for one reason or the other?

Are there more stories that are like in where Sam is the only hunter in the family?

Another Sam fic only this time I would like post attempted suicide fics. As in the aftermath of suicide where Sam didn't succeed.

Wincest fics where the boys struggle with the relationship because they are brothers. They are in the relationship, or about to start one, and they do want it and want it bad however the fact that they are brothers isn't something that they can let go for whatever reason. It can be either Sam or Dean or both.

This one is a bit more general but I would like fics that handle canon divergence, in short terms I want AUs from a certain point. Such as Sam not choosing Stanford, or Sam listening to Dean at the end of season 4 and not going with Ruby, or hell even Mary not going into the nursery that night or anything else like that.

Thank you everyone.
Tags: affliction: hurt!sam, genre: au, pairing: dean/sam, warning: suicide
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