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Looking for two specific fics

The first fic I'm looking for is a Wincest fic. I think it's a comment fic. John found out that Sam is going to Stanford and decides that Sam needs to be brought under control, his control, under his collar. Sam is rather disturbed by this, and Dean is all "Hell no, Sam is mine!" and tells John he knew about Sam leaving and that Sam had Dean's permission to go since Dean was going with him.

The second one was a J2 fic, this one was a longer fic, but my memories are vaguer. They're in some sort of containment center, though Jared's section includes an area outdoors. Jensen ends up in Jared's area because some of the other inmates dumped him there, I think. I know that Jared is feral and someone, the government maybe, is using him as an assassin. Jared latches onto Jensen and everyone is surprised that Jared doesn't kill him. I *think* they have sex, but I'm not sure. Jensen ends up becoming a stabilizing influence on Jared, I think through a mental bond? And then they both end up escaping. That's not quite the end but I don't remember what happens after that. Also, I have read Feral by riyku and while it is a bit similar it is not the fic I'm looking for.
-FOUND! Link is in the comments.

Do either of these fics sound familiar?
Tags: !specific fic, abilities: powers!jared, abilities: powers!jensen, affliction: jailed/incarcerated, attribute: feral, attribute: possessive!dean, character: john, genre: dean chooses sam, genre: john learns about wincest, genre: pre-series, kink: bdsm, pairing: dean/sam, pairing: jared/jensen, pairing: john/sam
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