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Specific Non-AU J2 Fic Found!

Hi! You guys were so helpful last time that i need to ask again: I'm looking for a fic that i read a few weeks ago and then didn't bookmark. I don't know if it was LJ or AO3, but i do know the plot. Jensen and Jared act on SPN and Jensen is wary of people because he's been treated badly in the past. He has a crush on Jared and when he's drunk one night Jensen confesses to Jared that he's gay. It's revealed Jensen used to/still does have a crush on Jared and Jared becomes mean because he's drunk and tells Jensen he knows about the rumors that he's a slut and sleeps around on lot. Jensen is crushed and becomes distant with Jared. He does this a few times throughout the story, talking about the rumors that Jensen is a whore. you find out Justin Hartley started these rumors and he used to fuck Jensen when they worked together. Jensen loved him, and Justin treated him like a joke which is why Jensen has trust issues. they end up together, of course :) 
Tags: affliction: hurt!jensen, genre: non-au, pairing: jared/jensen, pairing: jensen/omc, person: jared padalecki, person: jensen ackles, person: sandra mccoy, warning: abused!jensen (emotional)
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